How Assisted Living Supports Your Senior Parent While Fostering Independence

August 6th, 2019 by John Wilson

One of the biggest issues individuals have as they age is their need for assistance, which is often tempered by their desire to remain independent. This is where assisted living communities in OKC play a major role. These facilities strive to help their senior residents maintain the independence they crave while still giving them access to the assistance they need, whatever that may be. The following are ways senior assisted living can be the perfect solution to achieve these goals.

A Peace of Mind

Individuals who make the move to assisted living give themselves peace of mind their needs will be met. Although many seniors are hesitant to make this change because they fear they will lose their independence, most realize they are going to need some additional help to keep themselves safe and healthy. It’s finding that balance that is often difficult. The good news is assisted living isn’t like the nursing homes of old. They allow residents to live independently while giving them peace of mind help is just a step away should they need it.

A Sense of Belonging

Affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City provides seniors with a sense of belonging they may not otherwise experience. Depending on the overall makeup of their neighborhood, the aging population may find themselves out of place among the younger residents in the area. However, when they move into senior assisted living, they will be surrounded by others their own age, which allows them to feel more like they fit in and helps them make new friends and develop stronger bonds with their neighbors. This sense of belonging can make a positive difference in a senior’s life and help curb the loneliness that can lead to numerous health problems.

Independent seniors can thrive in affordable assisted living.

Affordable assisted living is great for independent seniors.

Make the Move at the Right Time

One of the problems seniors experience with making the transition to assisted living is waiting too long to do so. It’s important to weigh your options carefully and avoid waiting until serious help is needed before moving. If you transfer your loved one to assisted living communities in OKC when they need more help, it tends to feel more like that’s the entire reason for the change and can leave seniors feeling resentful. However, if the move is made when seniors are still in a more stable place, they are more likely to see it as an adventure.

A Bridge to Future Care

While affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City is potentially the last move your senior loved one has to make, this isn’t always the case depending on the medical issues they may suffer in the future. Assisted living is often a great bridge to your loved one’s future care needs. Not only will they become more comfortable in this type of environment, but they will also be closer to the help they need to prevent emergencies or get medical care faster if required.

If you’re looking for the right senior assisted living for your loved one, contact us. We can help you determine if now is the right time to make that move.

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