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Oklahoma City, OK 73109
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Universal Home Health is a locally owned home health provider serving the greater Oklahoma City region.  This agency is owned and operated by a clinician.  Universal Home Health has been serving the Oklahoma community for over 16 years.

We provide skilled nursing services and psychiatric nursing services, as well as, physical, occupational, and speech therapy to homebound patients.  We also provide personal care services in conjunction with skilled services.  All home health services are provided to clients in their homes under the direction of a physician, nurse practitioner, and/or physician’s assistant.  Some benefits to using Universal Home Health:

  • Very low staff turnover rate. Most have been employed here for years.
  • Generally, the same clinician will see you each visit, promoting improved coordination of care and positive clinical outcomes.
  • No quota system for our clinicians.
  • Clinician owned and operated.
  • Free clinical screens (consultations).
  • Local, no layers of management to get effective responses.
  • An unparalleled track record with respect to state and federal oversight scores.
  • A very long and positive professional relationship with Oakwood Assisted Living.

LifeSpring In-Home Care Network is a nurse-owned and operated full spectrum home care agency offering home health, palliative care, hospice, and private duty. LifeSpring provides intermittent home health care through a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, therapists, and social workers in collaboration with physicians and others. Our clinicians deliver inspired care by offering a loving, professional, and team approach to rendering care, allowing a patient to comfortably remain where they live for as long as services are required. The goal of the organization is to provide care in the home setting in order to rehabilitate individuals to their maximum potential, facilitate independence, and, for the terminally ill, provide a means for a peaceful and dignified death.

Encompass home health provides in-home care that improves the quality of life, lowers the risk of infection, and lessens the likelihood of future hospitalizations.  Our goal is to help residents remain safe and independent by ensuring they have the health care resources they need, which are provided in the privacy of their home within the community. Home health services can be initiated for a variety of reasons such as following a hospital stay, a decline in function, or a fall. We work closely with the resident, family, community, and the resident’s physician, to develop a customized plan of care to help attain the highest level of success and independence.  We understand the nuances of providing care in the home setting and consistently deliver the highest-quality patient experience through skilled nursing and skilled therapy services. Our focus is for every resident to receive the best care while in a comfortable, familiar, and safe environment.