Hearing Loss in Seniors is More Than Just Physical, It’s Emotional

March 10th, 2015 by John Wilson

Ask for living assistance if you develop hearing issues.

Living assistance can help seniors cope with hearing loss.

One of the most prevalent conditions affecting our elderly is loss of hearing. The older we get, the more likely we will experience hearing loss. The inability to hear and respond properly can be frustrating and have an emotional, as well as physical, impact on older adults in assisted living communities. Here are some of the impacts of hearing problems the elderly face and how you can help.

How Hearing Loss Affects Seniors Physically

How Hearing Loss Affects Seniors Emotionally

What You Can Do to Help a Senior with Hearing Loss

If left untreated, hearing loss may worsen so if your senior is experiencing symptoms, contact their doctor for a hearing assessment. Depending on the hearing problem, your senior may need a hearing aid, medication or even surgery. Their doctor will be able to guide you and your older adult in the right approach to assist with their hearing issue.

If you are looking for senior living assistance for someone close to you, contact us. Village at Oakwood provides a caring community for your loved one.

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