Healthcare and Legal Documents You Need When You Decide to Move Your Parent into Assisted Living

February 9th, 2016 by John Wilson

Before moving to an assisted living center, gather the right documents.

Important documents are needed to move into an assisted living center.

If your family is ready to begin the process of choosing one of the senior living communities serving Oklahoma City, now is the time to start dealing with the necessary paperwork. There are several health care and legal documents you’ll need to gather to help make a smooth transition into assisted living. That way, documents and directives essential to the care of your parent(s) are on hand when they are needed, better enabling the wishes and needs of your loved one(s) to be met efficiently and effectively.

Key Health Care Documents

When your loved one transitions to an assisted living center in Oklahoma City, there are important health care documents you’ll want on file with the staff. These include a living will containing specific health care directives, health insurance cards and related information, including long-term care insurance information, a full medical history and relevant health care proxy information.

Although discussing topics like a living will and heath care proxy decisions can be difficult emotionally for both parents and children, it must be done. The more specific the details can be regarding the health care decisions involved in a living will the better, such as circumstances when resuscitation is not preferred or situations when artificial life support is desired and when it should be withdrawn. It is essential these types of documents reflect family wishes as clearly as possible.

Necessary Legal Documents

Before making the move to an assisted living center in Oklahoma City, make sure your parent’s necessary legal documents are up to date. There should be a will, any necessary medical and financial power of attorney documents, an end of life instruction letter and life insurance information. You may want to include organ donation wishes as well. Financial information, while it does have its own category when it comes to making assisted living arrangements, should also be included with your legal documents, as some of that information relates to the will and other legal matters.

Keep wills on hand with senior living communities.

Senior living communities prefer having wills on hand.

Allow Plenty of Time

It is important to start collecting these documents long before you actually need to have them in hand. The transition to assisted living and the steps involved in end-of-life planning are huge factors on the psychological and emotional level, for you and for your loved one alike. Some of the necessary documents may not have been done yet, such as a living will or even a standard will, simply because of what those documents may symbolize.

You don’t want to be in a position of having to push your loved one to complete these documents within a tight time frame. Instead, when you first start thinking about living assistance in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, begin reviewing documents. That way, you allow plenty of time to deal with discussing and obtaining any documents that are missing or incomplete before you make a final choice on which of the senior living communities serving Oklahoma City you’d like to move your parent(s) into.

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