Have You Started Touring Assisted Living Facilities OKC? Here’s What to Look For

July 21st, 2016 by John Wilson

Choosing the right senior living facility takes time so try to leave yourself plenty of it by starting your tours as far ahead of time as possible. There are plenty of assisted living communities in OKC because Oklahoma is one of the most affordable states for assisted living. That means you’ll have a lot of information to process as you and your senior loved one decide which is the best, most suitable community. Finding a good fit, not only in terms of quality, but also socially, is important.

Residential Units, Neighborhood and Grounds

Naturally, you want to pay attention to the quality and condition of residential units when you’re looking at options for assisted living in Oklahoma City. Aside from looking at the quality of the residence and its furnishings, the set up of the living area and how well maintained it seems to be, note how clean it looks and smells. Pay attention to safety and fall prevention features, lighting, storage space and plumbing, looking carefully for leaks and water damage.

Consider the condition of the buildings on the site in general because how they are maintained can give you a clue into the overall quality of the facility. Walk the grounds and see if they are set up with the pleasure and safety of residents in mind. Pay attention to security in the residential area and the outdoor spaces. Drive or walk around the neighborhood. Visit nearby places seniors living at the facility may go to so you can get a feel for whether the neighborhood is a safe place for seniors to walk and shop.

Affordable assisted living should provide a high level of care.

Look for quality care in affordable assisted living.

Staff, Residents and Activities

Talking to staff is important, but so too is quietly, unobtrusively observing staff as they interact with other residents. Having a meal or two at the facility or stopping in during events or group activities can provide plenty of opportunities for watching the way people interact, staff, individual residents and the residents as a group. These types of visits can also provide you with the opportunity to speak to other residents and their family members, giving you additional insight into the assisted living communities you are considering.

Finding affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City is important, but you’ll also want to try to find a community that is well matched to your loved one’s interests and personality. Assisted living can be a fabulous experience for seniors, especially when there’s a lot going on they’re interested in and residents they can build relationships with based on shared interests and other things in common. Take a look at the kinds of activities usual to the community, the things they do at the facility and the group outings they have.

Find a Good Fit

When touring assisted living communities in OKC, take your time. Visit as many places as you need to in order to find a good fit for your senior loved one. That way, you’ll be able to find not just a place for your loved one to safely and comfortably live, but also one where your loved one can blossom and flourish.

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