Great Holiday Gifts for a Parent or Other Loved One in Assisted Living

December 8th, 2015 by John Wilson

If your loved one is in assisted living, consider these gifts.

Find the perfect gift for a loved one in assisted living.

What is the best possible gift for someone who has lived almost an entire lifetime? The answer to that question is oftentimes far from obvious. However, this problem is an important one to solve for those who are searching for the ideal gift for a relative living in senior assisted living in OKC or anywhere around the country. It is more than possible to find a wonderful gift for your elderly loved one despite their new needs and stage of life. Here are some suggestions.

Keep Gifts Small and Reasonably Priced

There are a few important points to keep in mind when purchasing a gift for a relative in assisted living. Large gifts are not the best option because your loved one will likely not have ample space to keep sizable objects. Due to the nature of assisted living, it is best to get your loved one an affordable gift because belongings are more easily lost or damaged in their frequently unlocked room.

Gifts to Unwrap

As with anyone else, the best gift depends on the type of person you are shopping for. Music-oriented seniors might enjoy an iPod or any other type of music player—provided they are handy with electronics. An added bonus for this sort of gift would be a speaker dock, which would allow your relative to share their music with others.

For those with children who may be visiting relatives in assisted living, colors and a coloring books are a good idea. It gives the child something to do, helps keep everyone at ease and results in artwork to decorate the senior’s fridge. Scrapbooks and albums are the adult version of the above gift. They are best suited for seniors who enjoy scrapbooking or collecting family photos.

For more ideas, have a look at the list below:

Senior assisted living doesn't stop the gift giving.

Choose the perfect gifts for a loved in senior assisted living.

The Gift of Time

If you are short on money, there are a few other options you can try that still count as gifts. One idea is starting a fundraiser, which can be used for future activities or to help improve living conditions around the facility. Visitors can also give of their time by talking personally with residents, getting to know them and in turn, brightening their day.

Additionally, there is always the option to help out in other ways. Visitors can volunteer with various activities going on at an assisted living center, such as:

If you would like further advice on senior gifts, contact us. The staff at Village at Oakwood, an assisted living center in Oklahoma City, is available to answer all of your questions about how to make the holidays special for the residents.

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