Grandkids Visiting? Enjoy These Fun Activities

March 14th, 2017 by John Wilson

If you live in an assisted living center in OKC and are fortunate to have grandchildren who visit you occasionally, you are blessed! The anticipation of a visit from the grandkids is almost as wonderful as the visit itself. If you are expecting your young loved ones to visit in the foreseeable future, why not make plans to make the most of their visit? Here are five fun activities assisted living communities offer that your grandkids will love!

A Movie Date

Many assisted living communities have dedicated theater rooms. If you are expecting special visitors, talk to the staff about reserving that room and renting a kid-friendly movie. If you plan ahead, you can arrange to surprise your grandkids with popcorn, snacks and drinks. Depending on your grandkids’ ages, it might be fun to invite your neighbors to your special screening too. Why not spread the joy?

Imagine and Explore

Children are precious and precocious. They’re curious and delight in the small things in life. Especially if your grandkids have never before visited your Oklahoma assisted living center, they will probably love touring the grounds, the dining room, the workout room and other areas. Let them take the lead, linger and play make-believe. You’ll probably discover you can both have an amazing time simply exploring your home.

Grandkids are encouraged to visit at an assisted living center.

An assisted living center encourages grandkids to visit.

Go on an Excursion

If your assisted living center in OKC offers transportation or group outings, schedule your grandkids’ visit to coincide with one of these activities. Of course, make sure you have their parents’ permission and the kids are old enough they won’t become overwhelmed or have a meltdown. Older kids will love riding in the bus or van and participating in the activity of the day.

Spend Time in the Garden

Many senior living facilities have gardens. If your grandkids will be visiting when the weather is nice, spend time outdoors developing their green thumbs. You can ask the children’s parents to bring along a flat of flowers, a couple of gardening tools and gardening gloves. Speak to the staff at your facility in advance and scout out a location where you can plant the flowers. They’ll brighten up your garden and be a lovely reminder of your loved ones.

Let Your Grandchildren Entertain You

Many kids love to be the center of attention and thrive on having an audience. Why not invite your grandchildren to plan a talent show, play, art exhibit or dance recital for you and your fellow residents? They will have fun planning and practicing and you and your neighbors will definitely be entertained!

Every child and senior is different. If you and your grandkids are up for organized activities, there are plenty of fun things you can plan. We always encourage residents of Village at Oakwood to contact us if they’d like help planning for a special visit. For younger or shy children, simply spending quality one-on-one time talking, reading, coloring or playing games will be enjoyable. After all, the main reason your grandkids are coming to visit is to spend time with you. You are loved!

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