Getting Ready for the Move to Senior Assisted Living

September 27th, 2018 by John Wilson

Once your loved one has selected affordable assisted living for seniors, the work is only partially finished. There is still much that needs to be done to prepare for the move. Making the move to assisted living care in OKC isn’t much different than moving between other types of homes. However, assisted living apartments are typically smaller than other housing options, which means you may need to make some major decisions before the move is complete.

Create a Plan Ahead of Time

You will likely have some lead time before you need to move your loved one into affordable assisted living. This means you should have plenty of time to make a plan before the big move must begin. This will ensure the process goes much more smoothly. Tour the facility so you know exactly how much space your loved one has to work with and then start making lists of their belongings so they can more easily decide what they will bring with them, what they can get rid of and what should go into storage. Now is also the time to gather important documents and potentially even discuss finances with an accountant.

Find Out What’s Included

Some assisted living facilities offered furnished apartments or include varying amenities, which means you need to know exactly what to expect. Are appliances included in the apartment? What furniture, if any, is already present? Is there a separate kitchen in each apartment? Answers to these and other questions will help you determine what items your senior loved one will need and which ones they can get rid of.

Affordable assisted living may provide a checklist for you.

Create a checklist to help with moving to affordable assisted living.

Start Packing

Packing can be a highly emotional time for everyone involved. In most cases, seniors are going to be moving into a significantly smaller space than they’re used to, which means they need to get rid of some things. Start packing far enough ahead of time to give you ample time to tackle the projects a little bit at a time, starting with items your loved one won’t need in the immediate future. Create three separate piles: one for the things they will move with them, one to give away or throw away and one for storage. Mark the boxes clearly so it’s evident what’s inside and where the box should go. This will eliminate many problems during the moving and unpacking stages.

Hire the Professionals

If your loved one will be taking a lot of larger furniture with them, it will be critical to hire professional movers to help, unless you have a large group of people who are willing and able to help. These movers will make the entire process of transferring items from their current residence to their new assisted living home. In some cases, the professionals will also put furniture together and may even unpack boxes to take more of the stress off you and your loved one.

If you’re loved one requires assisted living care in OKC, contact us. We can help you decide if our affordable assisted living services meet your senior loved one’s needs.

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