Fresh Flowers Can Increase a Sense of Well-Being and Decrease Depression in Seniors

June 2nd, 2016 by John Wilson

Depression is a serious issue in seniors, one family members and professional care givers should remember to be sensitive to. After all, it is during the senior years people face not just physical decline, but also some of life’s most difficult emotional and psychological challenges, including the deaths of spouses, siblings and close friends, as well as the loss of the independence they’ve enjoyed for most of their adult lives. Decreasing depression in seniors is an important factor in their overall quality of life.

Flowers Really Can Help

While the gift of a floral bouquet almost seems cliche to many, Rutgers University researchers have found fresh flowers really can help decrease depression. According to the university’s research team, fresh flowers can impact not only mood, but also cognition and behavior. Seniors who received fresh flowers were likely to feel better emotionally, perform better on memory tests and initiate interaction with others.

That increased likelihood initiating interaction with others after receiving flowers is particularly powerful because that type of action can have a lasting impact on depression. Seniors who are more involved socially are less likely to suffer from ongoing depression. That is why assisted living in Oklahoma City is such a good option for seniors, especially for those with mobility issues that interfered with their social lives before they made the change to assisted living.

Senior living is made brighter with fresh flowers.

Consider bringing flowers to those in senior living.

Relationships Matter

When senior lose the ability to get around town independently, their world often shrinks dramatically. They can become isolated and lonely, which can contribute to depression. One of the most important benefits of assisted senior living in OKC is the ease of social interaction. Assisted living in Oklahoma City is planned specifically for that because social activity is so important to physical and mental health and well-being.

Not only do seniors have the opportunity to build friendships with other seniors in and around the senior living center, but they also have access to transportation and group outings. Many assisted living centers have programs that teach interested seniors how to use today’s communication technologies, including smart phones, tablets and computers, to maintain relationships with family and friends who may not live in the area. These programs can also connect seniors with networks of people who share their interests and support the development of new friendships.

Profound Impact

Profound is the word psychology professor and Rutgers Human Development Lab director, Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones, used to describe the impact flowers had on seniors participating in her study. According to Haviland-Jones, the flowers seemed to have a greater positive impact on seniors. Perhaps that is due to what a gift of fresh flowers can symbolize, such as the dandelions that arrive clutched in a great-grandchild’s hand or the surprise bouquet of favorite wild flowers you bring just because.

Decreasing depression in seniors is an important aspect of the quality of life. Part of that is helping them stay socially active, to enjoy friendships and activities. Assisted living in Oklahoma City can be an ideal way to increase your loved one’s pleasure in life. Contact us to learn more about depression and seniors.

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