Four Reasons Seniors Should Be Meditating

January 24th, 2017 by John Wilson

If you are a senior or have senior loved ones, you know how important it is for them to receive regular medical care to stay healthy. You know eating well-balanced, nutritious meals is another way to keep seniors healthy. You may not realize meditation for seniors has several proven health benefits too. Meditation is also commonly referred to as mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness is an outlook on life that essentially approaches existence as “live in the here and now.” Read on to learn four compelling reasons the social options available in senior assisted living in OKC often include group meditation sessions.

Meditating Can Improve Memory

One of the biggest medical challenges for residents of senior living in Oklahoma City is the struggle with retaining memory. Long- and short-term memory typically decline with age. Meditation stimulates the brain’s hippocampus and frontal lobe, which are both memory hubs. Studies show after seniors who have complained about becoming more forgetful begin a regular meditation routine, it’s not unusual for them to eventually report their forgetfulness has reversed course.

Consider meditation for seniors.

Meditation for seniors can be a great tool.

Meditating Can Boost Seniors’ Sense of Optimism and Well-being

Because deep breathing and relaxation exercise the prefrontal cortex of the brain, seniors report meditation improves their mental well-being. Meditation brings thoughts into sharper focus, leading to quicker wit and marked improvements in brain function. A sharper mind is a happier, more hopeful mind. Meditation renews seniors’ senses of optimism and happiness. Many seniors claim they feel a renewed zest for life after meditating and are motivated to try new activities and pursue new interests.

Meditating Can Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Long-term illnesses and disabilities, the loss of a spouse, the loss of independence, financial concerns and uncertainty about end of life issues can all trigger stress and anxiety in seniors. A regular meditation routine can significantly alleviate these issues. Meditation is like a fountain of youth for the brain!

Meditating Can Relieve Digestive Problems

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of meditation for seniors is it often improves the function of the digestive system. Meditation involves deep, mindful breathing. Deep breathing boosts the oxygen content in the bloodstream and improves circulation. Blood reaches the organs more efficiently. With increased circulation to the stomach and intestines, the digestive tract moves more efficiently and seniors are less prone to bloating and constipation. Clearly, the seemingly simple act of meditating can have profound positive effects on senior health. By preventing cellular aging, meditation can actually improve longevity.

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