Four Reasons Active Seniors Enjoy Assisted Living in Village at Oakwood

March 16th, 2017 by John Wilson

There are many reasons active seniors may scoff at the idea of downsizing and transitioning to senior living. One of the most common fears seniors have is they will be prevented from enjoying the activities they love. Actually, the opposite is true.

Empty nesters who downsize and move to senior living will discover they have far fewer tedious and unpleasant chores to keep up with. They can devote more time to enjoying the activities they love, and there will always be other seniors around who are happy to join them. Here are four examples of why residents love living at Village at Oakwood, which is one of the finest assisted living communities in Oklahoma City.

We Offer a Diverse Array of Activities for Seniors

From outings to local points of interest to group fitness classes to movie nights and bingo, life in assisted living never has to be monotonous. Our residents are surrounded by others in the same stage of life. Making friends and meeting interesting, like-minded individuals has never been easier!

It’s Easy to Take Up New Hobbies

One reason senior living is so fulfilling is it’s easy to explore new interests. Senior centers serve as a hub of activity. Whether you enjoy hiking, weight training, book clubs or arts and crafts, most facilities encourage residents to suggest activities and even to start their own clubs. Everything you need is at your fingertips, including a fitness center, a common area, gardens and most importantly, other people your age who are interested in being active!

Assisted living offers many activities for seniors.

Activities for seniors abound in assisted living.

Our Pricing Is All-Inclusive

Seniors who are considering assisted living options in OKC may scoff at the price of some facilities. Actually, when you add up all of the expenses seniors incur living independently, assisted living is often less expensive in the long run. For one monthly fee, seniors receive room and board, food, cable, social options, skilled care and more. They don’t have to pay a gardener, housekeeper, meal-delivery service, country club, gym membership or other fees. If they sell their home, they will incur no mortgage or property tax payments. Senior living is more affordable than most people realize!

Peace of Mind

There’s often a misconception among seniors and their loved ones that assisted living options in OKC are designed for seniors experiencing mental or physical health challenges. While senior living centers do assist residents who need help, many residents have no health problems. They have decided to transition to senior living so they can enjoy life with less stress. They’re comfortable knowing if they do need care one day in the future, they will be taken care of and won’t have to move again.

If you’re still not convinced assisted living can equal active, enjoyable and healthy living, we invite you to visit us at Village at Oakwood. We are happy to provide a tour of our facility. Contact us to arrange it! We’re certain you will be pleasantly surprised by the energy, activity and positivity you will find here.

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