Five Ways to Help Your Loved One Transition into Assisted Living

May 26th, 2016 by John Wilson

Many seniors are reluctant to even consider moving out of their homes and into an assisted living center in Oklahoma City. They may feel moving to an assisted living center will rob them of their independence. They may also have incorrect assumptions about what daily life will be like in assisted living. If you are struggling to help your loved one transition into assisted living, here are five tips to help ease the transition.

Point Out the Facility’s Social Opportunities

Many seniors who live alone feel lonely and isolated. Often, they don’t drive and find it difficult to leave their homes. Moving to assisted living provides an instant social outlet. There are fellow residents to meet and often organized social activities to keep daily life from becoming monotonous.

Customize a loved one's living space in assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities let you customize a loved one’s living space.

Stock Your Loved One’s Room With Her Favorite Things

An assisted living residence does not need to be sterile. What made your senior parent happy at home? Fill her room with her favorite snacks and drinks, scented lotions, makeup, photos, blankets, sentimental objects and radio or CD player. The more you can personalize their room, the more comfortable it will feel and the more quickly she’s likely to adjust and settle in.

Set Up a Question-and-Answer Session With the Staff

Moving into a new environment can be overwhelming. Your loved one probably has all kinds of questions about how things work and what to expect. Take time to draw up a list of your loved one’s questions and then schedule a meeting with staff to discuss those questions.

Hang a Large Calendar

Everyone loves having things to look forward to. Hang a calendar in the room and mark dates you and your relatives will visit, special occasions you’ll celebrate, fun events the assisted-living facility will hold and more.

Stay Positive and Don’t Feel Guilty

At times, your parent has probably been your rock and helped you get through tough times. Now it’s your turn to repay the favor. You may feel nervous, guilty or sad about beginning this new chapter. Do not let these feelings show. Remind yourself this move is for the best and everyone will adjust in time.

For most residents and their families, the transition period is a bit challenging at the least. Fortunately, within a month or two, residents settle into a routine and begin to enjoy the benefits of their new home. One important step in helping your loved one realize the many positive elements of moving to an assisted living facility is to take them to visit assisted living communities in OKC before choosing one. The best facilities will be buzzing with activity and full of residents and caregivers with smiles on their faces. When you are ready to take this important step, contact us at Village at Oakwood. We can’t wait to show you exactly why assisted living in Oklahoma City is something to look forward to.

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