Five Ways to Handle Holiday Stress With Senior Loved Ones

November 17th, 2016 by John Wilson

Transitioning to senior living in Oklahoma City is difficult for many individuals and their families. The holidays can be especially stressful because seniors in assisted living in Oklahoma City may become particularly emotional when they realize it’s not possible to perfectly recreate treasured holiday traditions. Moving to and settling into assisted living represents a new normal. With planning and sensitivity, this new normal can be beautiful and enjoyable for you and your senior loved one.

Help Them Deck Their Halls

Holidays just don’t feel like holidays without special decorations. Christmas trees, poinsettias, menorahs … these are all reminders ‘tis the season. Surprise your loved one with a goodie bag of decorations and help them deck the halls of their assisted living room!

Be Their Personal Gift Shopper

Arguably, giving is more fun than receiving during the holidays. If your loved one is not physically able to leave for a shopping excursion, bring the shopping to him or her! Stop by with your laptop and help him or her shop online. Have packages delivered to you, then bring them to the senior center for a fun gift-wrapping party.

Don't miss out on parties in assisted living.

Assisted living doesn’t mean missing out on the parties.

Bring the Party to Them

One reason people move to senior living in Oklahoma City is because their mobility is compromised. Simply put, walking and travelling is tough for many seniors. Lift their spirits and reduce their anxiety by hosting fun holiday gatherings at their senior center. Whether you bring a few people to sing Christmas carols in your loved one’s room or book the party room and host a bash for all residents, your loved one will love it.

Plan a Special Night Out

Even the highest-caliber assisted living in Oklahoma City or anywhere else can get monotonous. Even people who live in lavish estates become bored with their surroundings. Make the holidays special for you senior loved one by surprising him or her with a thoughtfully planned night on the town. Everyone loves having a reason to wear a pretty dress or shine his dress shoes. Surprise your loved one by telling him or her you have a surprise planned. Give plenty of advance notice because the anticipation is a huge part of the fun!

Maximize Grandkids’ and Great-Grandkids’ Visits

There is something special about grandchildren and great-grandchildren that immediately soothes nerves and boosts spirits. During the holidays, plan more frequent and longer visits. Perhaps arrange some simple crafts or holiday-themed games.

For many families, the holiday season consists of equal parts stress, anxiety, joy and thanksgiving. We want to make sure our residents and future residents and those who love them know our Oklahoma assisted living facility is committed to making the holidays happy for everyone whose lives we touch. If we can do anything to help alleviate your holiday stresses, contact us at Village at Oakwood and let us know. We are always willing to help!

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