Five Ways Music Improves the Health of Seniors

August 30th, 2016 by John Wilson

It can be tough deciding what to pack when transitioning from independent to senior citizen assisted living in OKC. Research shows music not only boosts mood, but it also benefits health. While your piano probably will not fit in your senior living apartment, a record player, radio or CD player certainly will. Here are five compelling reasons you should vow to make music an everyday part of your life!

Music Is a Memory and Brain Booster

Music is like exercise for the brain; it actually strengthens the brain’s neural pathways. Listening to music, singing or practicing an instrument has been shown to delay diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In those already exhibiting signs of those illnesses, music can help with memory recall and soothe anxiety.

Music Aids in Healing

There is a reason physicians play music in the operating room: It calms them and allows them to focus. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky, there may be a side benefit for patients. Music, they discovered, reduces pain and minimizes recover times. If music can help patients undergoing surgery feel better, it can certainly help seniors who have less serious ailments.

Seniors get a chance to enjoy music at assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities offer plenty of music options.

Music Eases Chronic Pain

When another group of researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland studied ways to alleviate pain, they discovered music was a powerful pain reduction tool. The reason could be as simple as the fact music takes one’s mind off of pain and redirects attention to something pleasant. It’s not important to know why music alleviates pain – just that it does!

Music Encourages Movement and Benefits Blood Pressure

The best assisted living communities in OKC provide plenty of social opportunities, including concerts, dances and dance lessons, for their residents. Regardless of age, music causes people to tap their toes, clap their hands and sway to the beat. Think about it. When you walk into a crowded room with lively music playing, what do you usually see? You probably don’t see too many people sitting still in their chairs. You’ll see them moving and smiling! Music calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure and elicits movement that increases flexibility and gets blood flowing, which benefits the entire body.

Music Inspires You to Embrace Your Creativity

One of the leading causes of depression is boredom. Music is a boredom buster! Listening to music encourages people of all ages to harmonize, hum and dance. Music stimulates the right brain, opening up pathways that encourage expression and imagination.

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