Five Reasons to Take Time to Communicate With Your Aging Parent

April 4th, 2017 by John Wilson

If you are a parent yourself, you are probably aware of the fact while you may be known primarily as “mom” or “dad,” you are much more than that. Being a parent may be the most important thing in your life, but you also have interests, feelings and insights that have nothing to do with being a parent. So do your parents. Read on for five compelling reasons to spend time learning about and communicating with them.

The Future Is Not Guaranteed

Do you have unasked questions, uncommunicated sentiments, unresolved issues or unuttered apologies for your aging parents? Take the time to communicate now, while you and your parent are able. You will save yourself a lifetime of regrets.

You May Learn Surprises about Your Family Tree

One day, your parent will not be able to fill in the blanks about your distant relatives and even your own early childhood. As your parents age, they pass the torch on to you and your siblings in terms of your family’s history. Spend time talking with them. Take notes! You’ll be glad you did and so will your children and grandchildren.

Make sure you communicate about assisted senior living.

Communication about assisted senior living is critical.

You May Discover Your Assumptions Are Wrong

Often, seniors don’t feel comfortable speaking their minds or voicing unhappiness to their families. They don’t want to feel like they’re burdening anyone. If you communicate with your parent openly and often, you’re likely to eventually get the truth. For example, perhaps in the past you mentioned to your parent you thought assisted living for seniors is expensive. If you communicate with your parent regularly, you may discover he or she would love to transition to assisted living care in Oklahoma City for the amenities and social activities. You may learn your parent has conducted research and there is plenty of affordable assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma.

You Will Probably Significantly Boost Their Spirits

There is one commonality shared by most every senior: they love having visitors and having those they love spend time with and express interest in them. What may be a few hours out of your busy week will likely be a huge highlight of your parent’s week.

You and Your Parent Will Form a Stronger Bond

We get what we put into any relationship. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your parent, you must make the effort to talk to them. Ask questions. Be patient. Share your own stories. Above all else, listen. Really listen.

Village at Oakwood provides high-quality, affordable assisted living care in Oklahoma City. Our entire team knows how important it is for seniors to remain connected with their families, especially seniors who reside in assisted senior living. We encourage you to visit your parents here! We consider our residents’ families part of our extended family and extend a warm, heartfelt welcome to visit, share meals and feel at home catching up with your loved one. If we can ever help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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