Five Reasons Affordable Assisted Living in OKC Is a Great Solution for Your Aging Parent

June 28th, 2016 by John Wilson

At some point in many child-parent relationships, a role reversal occurs. Parents who spent decades caring for and nurturing their children need care and nurturing themselves. Adult children become their parents’ caregivers. Some try to keep their parents comfortable and safe in their long-term homes. Others may bring their parents to live with them and their families. These arrangements may work for a while, but often it becomes clear assisted living for aging parents is a better option for all parties. Here are five reasons assisted living in Oklahoma City is often the best option for all parties.

Your Loved One Will Be Safe

As determined as you are to keep your aging parent safe, you cannot be there around the clock to make sure that happens. When your loved one resides in senior assisted living in OKC, you can be confident caring staff will ensure their safety. You no longer need to worry about what you will find when you come home from work to check on your parent who has been left alone.

Your Loved One Will Have a Full Social Calendar

One of the biggest benefits of senior living in Oklahoma City is it will give your loved one easy access to new friends and engaging activities. With age, many seniors become isolated because they no longer drive and don’t want to burden their relatives by asking for rides here and there. The best assisted living facilities have organized activities to appeal to a variety of interests. The best part? Potential friends and fun activities are located just steps away!

Seniors eat well with assisted living dining.

Assisted living ensures seniors eat well.

Your Loved One Will Be Nourished

Quality assisted living facilities provide three nutritious and delicious meals each day. Seniors with limited mobility may find it difficult to prepare healthy foods and may fall into a routine of heat-and-eat convenience foods. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is critical to health. When your loved one is in assisted living, you can be certain he or she is eating well.

Your Loved One Will Have Easy Access to Safe Transportation

Many assisted living facilities operate shuttles and vans to transport residents to doctor’s appointments, shopping outings and even recreational excursions. If your relative no longer drives, this is a great services.

Your Loved One Will Not Have to Worry about Home Maintenance or Repairs

Senior living facilities employ full-time maintenance staff that takes care of any issues that arise. Changing light bulbs, repairing appliances, vacuuming, dusting, assisted living facilities take care of cleaning, maintenance and repair.

If you are beginning to be concerned about your aging parents’ ability to live safely on their own, we encourage you to contact us at Village at Oakwood. As difficult as it sometimes is to begin a conversation with your loved ones about the benefits of assisted living, you and your loved ones will likely look back on the initial conversation and feel thankful that together you embarked upon this journey. There are so many benefits to assisted living and we look forward to showing them to you!

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