Finding the Right Assisted Living Option for Both Parents

October 11th, 2016 by John Wilson

Making the decision to find an Oklahoma assisted living facility to accommodate one parent is difficult enough. However, many children are faced with finding a new home for both parents. Since each parent has individual needs, the process can be difficult beyond the obvious emotional impact. Most children and parents can understand the benefits of assisted living options. Here are a few points to consider to help make the choice more manageable.

Consider Your Parent’s Needs

Before looking for assisted living in Oklahoma City, make a detailed list of your parent’s needs. List what they both need together and list what each of them needs individually. Although meeting their health needs is important, think about the type of other needs they may have. They will have social needs and spiritual needs, for example. What type of supervision, if any, will each parent need? Once you have compiled a list, you are ready to locate the facility best suited for them based on the benefits they provide.

Make a List of Oklahoma Assisted Living Facilities

Do some basic research to find a few facilities you deem acceptable. Try to narrow it down to two or three that seem to be good fits for your parents. Are the primary concerns their health needs? Does the facility offer adequate social activities? How much supervision, physical activity or medical care do they provide? Once you have a list of places, schedule a tour of each facility. Make sure to call well in advance.

Discover the benefits of assisted living.

There are many benefits of assisted living.

Think about Your Parent’s Future

No matter how good the health of your parents is presently, it is likely one or both of them will have declining health in the years to come. It is relatively certain they will have differing health needs and different levels of those needs. When selecting a new home for your parents, ask about the policies pertaining to changes in their health status. Will your family have the financial burden and responsibility of bringing in services from outside sources? Will your parents need to be moved if their health declines? Make sure you are aware of how these situations are handled so you are not caught off guard later on.

Ask about Pricing

Pricing is different for each facility and will be based largely on the types of benefits provided. Sometimes the price is double for couples. This is not true in every case. Make sure to ask about pricing options and how financial arrangements are made. While you are evaluating the options available to you and your family, balance out what you are getting for what you are paying.

One of the benefits of assisted living includes being able to keep your parents together while providing them supervised care. Contact us to discuss the options you have available at our facilities. We have provided assisted living arrangements for the senior citizens of Oklahoma since 2010.

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