Finding and Falling in Love in Assisted Living in Oklahoma City

April 5th, 2016 by John Wilson

Our bodies may weaken but that doesn’t affect our ability to love. Just because your loved one is living in an assisted living center in Oklahoma City doesn’t mean he or she has lost the ability to find love. In fact, many seniors report moving to assisted living in Oklahoma City has reminded them how wonderful it feels to find romance or even great new friends.

New Beginnings Bring New Opportunities

Many seniors automatically have a negative reaction when their loved ones bring up the idea of moving to an assisted living facility. No one relishes the thought of giving up their privacy and freedom, and many people incorrectly assume that’s a prerequisite of assisted living. Fortunately, it’s not! The best senior assisted living OKC has to offer includes private apartments, various activities for social interaction, convenient amenities, outstanding dining options and a wonderful quality of life. One of the biggest perks? Seniors in assisted living meet a brand new circle of friends of both sexes. It’s not uncommon for cupid’s arrow to strike and lead to rewarding courtships. Some even lead to marriage!

Find a companion in senior assisted living.

Senior assisted living can be a great place to find a companion.

Love Abounds, Romance Is Optional

Some seniors in assisted living meet, fall in love and pursue rewarding emotional and physical relationships. Other residents are content to remain single but yearn for a deep connection with others. Platonic, as well as romantic, love abounds at assisted living facilities. When residents connect with one another and develop deep friendships, they’re experiencing love. When their minds are challenged, they’re able to choose from a variety of intriguing activities and can interact with an array of diverse individuals, allowing them to experience the best kind of love: the love of life itself.

Make the Golden Years Golden

As people approach the second half of their lives, they often face a compelling decision. Should they live alone or with relatives or should they move to an assisted living facility? There are pros and cons to either decision, but only in an assisted living facility will seniors have instant access to peers with whom they have much in common. An assisted living facility is like a microcosm of society. Residents will find people of different ages, sexes and backgrounds. They’ll find people they gravitate toward and some they may wish to avoid. Their days will be filled with unexpected experiences. Sometimes, that will include a love connection. Living the second half of life alone or with relatives certainly has benefits. It also prevents seniors from embracing the many adventures of living within a community of like-minded individuals and potential sweethearts!

If you or a loved one is contemplating assisted living in the Oklahoma City area, we would love to meet you. Our facility allows residents to live independently in their own apartments, yet participate in onsite social activities and meet new friends and potential paramours. Please contact us! We are proud of our Village at Oakwood community and would love to give you a tour and introduce you to some of our residents!

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