Downsizing: Eight Tips for Living in a Small Space

August 23rd, 2016 by John Wilson

Once your loved one has decided it’s time to move into an Oklahoma assisted living facility, he or she will count on you to help transition from independent living. One of the biggest challenges is downsizing. Your loved one has likely amassed a lifetime of possessions and now must choose what to bring to make a much smaller space feel like home. Here are some tips to make a small space a beautiful, comfortable space.

  1. Skip the sofa. A full-sized sofa will take up too much space in a small apartment. Instead, bring a favorite recliner and a love seat.
  2. Skip the kitchen table (perhaps). In a small space, a kitchen table may not be necessary. Television trays or a sturdy side table placed near a recliner or loveseat can double as a dining space, freeing up valuable floor space in a small apartment.
  3. Think “light and bright.” Dark colors tend to make spaces feel smaller. Keep that in mind when choosing a color scheme. Small, strategically placed lamps will brighten a room and are usually more cheery than fluorescent overhead lights that are present in many senior living apartments.
  4. Embrace items that do double duty. In a small space, storage ottomans are invaluable. Instead of a coffee table, use a storage ottoman topped with an attractive tray. Store blankets, books, magazines and more in the ottoman to keep them handy but hidden. Attractive bins and baskets are also invaluable for storage.
  5. You will be living in a smaller space in senior assisted living.

    Senior assisted living often means working with a smaller space.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall. A large, strategically placed mirror makes a small space appear larger.

  6. Use your wall space. With less square footage available, it’s important to gain space by maximizing your wall space. Hang decorative hooks and shelves to store items and display photos, houseplants and accessories that will make a small apartment feel like home.
  7. Bring a scrapbook. During the downsizing process, you’re likely to encounter special photos, letters, cards and mementos. Make a scrapbook with these special items. Even though items don’t fit into your lifestyle when you move to senior assisted living in OKC, you can still bring them along in spirit! Take photos of larger, cherished items that will be left behind. Heirloom furniture, a beloved garden, an antique car … these beloved items will live on in photos and bring back happy memories.
  8. Skip the kitchen gadgets. As you decide what to bring to assisted living in Oklahoma City, the question to ask repeatedly is, “do you really need that?” Remind your loved one that one of the benefits of assisted living is someone else will be doing most of the cooking so no major cooking appliances are required.

Transitioning from independent living to assisted living can be emotional and exhausting. Fortunately, when the process is complete, a caring, invigorating world awaits. If you would like to tour our facility and view one of our senior-living apartments, contact us at Village at Oakwood and we will be happy to schedule a tour.

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