Don’t Let These Common Myths Prevent You from Moving to Assisted Living

June 18th, 2019 by John Wilson

Making the decision to move to senior living communities in Oklahoma City is never an easy one. It can be difficult to even bring up the subject to aging loved ones who may be reluctant to make this type of move. However, it can often become a necessary conversation. Unfortunately, many seniors believe the myths they may have heard about assisted living for seniors, which can cause them to hesitate even further. The following myths shouldn’t stop your senior loved one from making this move.

It’s Boring

If you’ve heard senior living homes are boring places, you’re likely mistaking them for the nursing homes of old. No longer are these facilities places where you will see a lot of elderly individuals simply sitting around and watching television or playing board games. The best assisted living facilities in OKC offer plenty of engaging activities for their residents, providing them with something new to do every day. Life in assisted living is typically everything except boring.

You Have No Independence

One of the biggest reasons seniors are hesitant to make the move to senior living communities in Oklahoma City is because they fear losing their independence. They prefer to age in place because they have their own homes and can do whatever they want. The reality is senior assisted living isn’t much different than aging in place. Most of the differences relate to safety and health measures in place designed to make life easier for the aging population. Assisted living also has numerous other advantages over aging in place, including activities, socialization opportunities and other amenities.

Good food is part of senior living communities.

Senior living communities prepare great food.

The Food Is Bad

Few people like hospital food and many seniors fear the meals served in assisted living for seniors will be similarly bland. The good news is most assisted living facilities take great pride in offering their senior residents the delicious meals they want that they otherwise may be unable to prepare on their own. Food preparation is one of the tasks that easily falls by the wayside as individuals get older. Most seniors eat much better in assisted living and actually find they enjoy the food.

It’s Too Expensive

Most seniors are living on a limited budget, regardless of how they have funded their retirement. This means money is a precious commodity that must be spent carefully. The best assisted living facilities in OKC can be quite affordable when you learn how to pay for them. Some seniors may be able to take advantage of government assistance, while others may have insurance that can cover some or a majority of the cost of assisted living. It’s important to talk to a financial advisor, but the fact remains assisted living can be quite affordable.

If you’re looking for affordable assisted living services for your senior loved one, contact us. We can provide the safe environment your aging relative deserves.

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