Does Your Family Need an Elder Care Mediator?

June 15th, 2017 by John Wilson

While the decision ultimately belongs to your parents, there are times when you and your parents don’t see eye to eye on assisted living options in Oklahoma City. Perhaps your parents need your help deciding but you and your siblings can’t agree. Regardless of what the disagreements are about, it can create a lot of stress and won’t produce a resolution to the issue at hand. Therefore, it’s important to consider whether an elder care mediator can be the right choice in moving past existing issues.

What Is an Elder Care Mediator?

When you’re considering assisted senior housing for your loved ones, there may be a lot of disagreement over what is best for them and their needs. Often, these fights can lead to division in the family and a resolution may not be reached, leaving everyone in limbo. An elder care mediator is a neutral third party who can help guide the discussion and help everyone see an issue from all angles, increasing the chance of a positive resolution in the end. This is the ideal option when internal discussion isn’t getting anywhere.

Talk to an elder care mediator about the best assisted living facilities.

The best assisted living facilities may offer an elder care mediator.

How Can One Help?

There are certain things an elder care mediator can help with and other things they can’t. Therefore, it is necessary to understand their limitations before you consider hiring one. First and foremost, you need to recognize the final decision will belong to you. A mediator will not make a decision for you. Their role is simply to help navigate these difficult  conversations and help everyone see all sides for a clearer picture. What they can help with is preserving your family relationships, making it easier for your parents and everyone involved, avoiding legal processes and helping families come to a decision that is fair for all, especially your parents.

During mediation, an elder care mediator will ask questions to determine the issues at hand, whether they involve finances, finding the best assisted living facilities or other important matters. They will be able to take some of the emotion out of the conversation and help individuals look at the matter with a clear head. They may also call in other professionals to help, such as a financial planner or an attorney, so families are armed with all the information they need to make a fair decision.

There are many assisted living options in Oklahoma City, which can make it difficult for families to make the best decision for their loved ones. As you are on your search for the best assisted living facilities, you may find you don’t always quickly agree with your siblings or your parents. In these situations, it may be the right choice to hire an elder care mediator to help guide the process. These individuals won’t make decisions for you, but they can provide information and guide the discussion to increase the odds of a successful resolution that is fair for everyone, especially your aging parents.

If you’re faced with the decision to move to assisted senior housing, contact us. We can provide valuable information that will help you make the most informed decision.

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