Do Men Age Differently Than Women?

July 9th, 2014 by John Wilson

Men and women experience senior living differently.

Senior living is different for men and women.

While everyone grows old, men and women tend to show their age in different ways. Understanding these differences can help you realize the various changes you will go through as you age. You will also be better able to answer the age old question, “Are boys better than girls or vice versa?” Whether you are approaching senior living or you have a long way to go, this information can give you a clear view of what to expect in the future.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy plays a significant role in the differences between men and women. Overall, women are more likely to live longer than their male counterparts. This explains why a significant number of individuals who require senior care services are female. This is primarily due to the fact that men tend to participate in riskier behaviors. However, in recent years, advancements in medicine have improved a man’s chances of living just as long as, if not longer than, women.

Brain Aging

The brain is often one of the most impacted areas of the body as you age. This is why many individuals who live in senior living homes are likely to suffer from a form of dementia at some point in their lives. According to studies, women are less likely to experience these cognitive problems as they get older, though both sexes can suffer from these ailments. However, for women who are dependent on others, such as senior care services, or who don’t have a strong social circle, cognitive decline is more likely.

Heart Disease

One of the leading killers of both men and women is heart disease. The reason you hear about men having heart attacks more often than women is because estrogen often protects the heart from these issues. As women age, however, natural levels of estrogen can deplete, putting women at a much higher risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Bone Health

Men in general tend to remain active throughout their lives, giving their bones the exercise they need to stay strong and healthy. For the most part, this makes women more susceptible to osteoporosis, as well as other bone conditions. In fact, women over 50 are likely to experience a break at some point in their lives.

Living Alone

One of the biggest concerns individuals have as they age is whether they can continue to live alone. Senior living is generally required for men before women. In addition to women being more likely to continue to live on their own for longer, females are often less likely to feel lonely. In fact, they enjoy having their homes to themselves.

When men and women age, they may experience some of the same things. However, there are many differences in the way these changes occur. For instance, women are more likely to live longer than men, as well as avoid senior care services for longer. Men, on the other hand, often have better bone health as they age.

If you have an aging loved one and are looking for a senior living facility, contact us. We offer the assistance both male and female seniors need to live a productive life.

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