Decorating Tips to Make an Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

January 14th, 2016 by John Wilson

Cut back for life in an assisted living facility.

An assisted living facility often requires cutting back.

The move out of their own home and into an assisted living facility is already daunting enough for most seniors. With the thought comes a slew of unpleasant images: overly sterile environments, white walls and a cold, lonely ambiance. However, this does not have to be a reality. There are many ways you can make your loved one’s stay at the facility feel more pleasant. Below are some tips.

Communication Is Key

Before you do any decorating or pack a single article of clothing, you should ask your relative exactly how they feel about their upcoming move. Remember their first impressions may not be positive, and this is okay. This is a major life change that will take a lot of adjustment, and they will need time to both grieve their old life and get used to their new one. Talk with them about what would help make the move less difficult.

You can start this process by helping them sort out which of their belongings are the most important to them. Rarely will a senior resident have much space for their belongings in an assisted living facility. You will have to make some compromises. If need be, you can offer to keep some of their things—clothing, antiques and decorations—in your own house to give to them later on. Smaller items like books, bedding and family photos can be brought along to help their living space feel more familiar.

There is also the chance your loved one will want a whole new look for their new space. Whatever they would like to do, try to oblige them as much as possible. This will help make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

Pay attention to accessibility when decorating for assisted living.

Assisted living requires attention to accessibility.

How to Decorate with Accessibility in Mind

When you and your senior relative start planning the move, try to keep space in mind. Minimalism is more important than ever in this circumstance. Try to match the feeling and look of your relative’s old living space as much as possible, if they desire. Paths should be kept clear to avoid the potential for falls and other hazards. If minimalism is important, accessibility is even more vital for the sake of your loved one’s safety. Put everything where it is easily reachable. The shape and materials for furniture matter too. Try to avoid anything with pointed edges or glass parts to reduce the risk of injury. If needed, you can ask a staff member of your chosen facility for assisted living in Oklahoma City for help with how to decorate for accessibility.

Color Is Important

One other important element to acknowledge is color. As people age, their eyesight begins to change, meaning some color schemes are more beneficial for your senior relative than others. Contrasting colors are easier to see during the day, while warm and neutral color schemes help individuals with low visibility. Keep all lighting as bright and accessible as possible to enhance vision. 

The adjustment to senior assisted living in OKC is tough enough for the majority of seniors. With your help, your family member can have an easier time. For further resources on how to optimize your senior relative’s new living space, contact us. Your loved one’s comfort matters to us.

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