Debunking the Myths of Senior Slips & Falls

September 14th, 2017 by John Wilson

You may think you know it all about the risk of falls for senior citizens, but there are many myths that surround this phenomenon. Some individuals think if they place their loved one in an Oklahoma assisted living facility, they will be safe from this dangerous risk. However, this isn’t always the case. Believing the following myths can actually put your aging loved one at a greater risk.

Falling Is Perfectly Normal

While balance can be an issue for any senior, it isn’t necessarily normal to be experiencing falls on a regular basis. In fact, some medical conditions and even medications can make seniors more susceptible to falls. In both situations, balance issues can be resolved if the doctor is made aware. Something as simple as needing glasses can cause many falls, making this problem preventable.

Limiting Activity Reduces Falls

It may make sense to think if you stay sitting all day, you can’t possibly fall. However, this logic is slightly flawed. One of the contributing factors to falls while in senior care services in OKC is muscle weakness, which occurs when seniors are relatively sedentary. The more active the elderly are, the less likely they will be to experience a devastating fall.

Seniors stay active in senior assisted living.

Senior assisted living keeps seniors active.

You Can’t Regain Strength or Flexibility

While it is more difficult to regain your strength and flexibility when you are older, it is far from impossible. Exercise is the key. An active lifestyle will help strengthen your muscles so you can move more easily without worrying about whether you may fall. This is why many senior assisted living facilities offer exercise programs and even exercise rooms to their residents to help them reduce their risk of falls.

It’s Best Not to Worry People

Often, seniors are able to identify their increased risk of falling, but they are either ashamed to talk about it or don’t want to worry their medical care providers or family members. This means they suffer in silence. When they don’t bring up their concerns to the individuals they can trust, they are needlessly putting themselves at risk. Sometimes a medication change, a vision test or even a cane or walker can help resolve the issue and keep seniors safer.

It Won’t Happen to Me

Many people think they have taken the necessary precautions so they won’t be the ones who fall. After all, seniors who fall and are injured are older, more frail or a number of other excuses. However, the truth is about one in four seniors fall every year.

Senior care services in OKC work hard to make sure seniors are at a reduced risk of falling. Sadly, many individuals believe a number of myths that can actually put them at an increased risk of falls. While senior assisted living can help reduce these risks, it’s important to debunk the myths you’ve heard so you can take the proper steps.

If you would like more information on preventing slips and falls for seniors, contact us. We can help you take the proper precautions to keep your loved one safe.

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