Debunking the Common Myths Associated with Assisted Living

January 7th, 2016 by John Wilson

Affordable assisted living facilities are surrounded by myths.

Learn the facts about affordable assisted living facilities.

A certain stigma surrounds the notion of senior living facilities, even in today’s era, which tends to stifle families looking into care for their elderly loved ones. The media offers no help when it comes to dispelling these rumors. Rather, the horror stories echo the loudest throughout society. What should always be remembered is the fact all of the negativity toward assisted living facilities are the least common in terms of incidence. Here are some typical myths concerning assisted living communities and the truth behind these misconceptions.

Only Ill Residents Live in Assisted Living Centers

This myth is the biggest and most important to tackle becausel its existence leads to many caretakers and worried family members rejecting senior care communities altogether. This belief, however, is far from the truth. In actuality, assisted living facilities are designed to aid seniors in maintaining a rich and independent life, while also having access to the care they need on a consistent and immediate basis. They are meant to prolong a senior’s lifespan, not inhibit it. If assisted living centers did not exist, the health of many senior adults would take a tragic turn. Assisted living also eases stress on behalf of the families of senior residents, who otherwise would have been left worrying about their loved one’s well being.

The Cost and Quality of Assisted Living Are Mutually Exclusive

It can be a serious mistake to judge an assisted living center’s quality based upon their pricing. Sometimes the benefits offered at one center for a fee can be located at another center for free. There are many affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area. While price is an understandable concern, the level of care should be the utmost priority. It is best to visit a center as often as possible to get a feel for the environment.

The Cost of Assisted Living Will Be Covered by Medicare

Likewise, you should not assume assistance programs will handle the cost of care and placement for your elderly family member. Medicare coverage applies more often to nursing homes. Payment for senior citizen assisted living in OKC is often funded through an insurance system or out of pocket by the family seeking care. Some facilities provide special living arrangements for Medicare recipients, but these are not widely available. Those facing tight budgets can opt for other types of senior living facilities.

Learn the benefits of senior citizen assisted living.

Senior citizen assisted living is a powerful tool.

Assisted Living Communities Restrict Their Residents’ Freedom

You will find quite the opposite in the assisted living communities in OKC. On the contrary, assisted living facilities try to care for the physical and emotional health of their residents by giving them ample chances for social interaction and activities to partake in. It is common knowledge good health and regular activity correlate. Senior residents will be able to choose daily activities based upon their own interests and needs, leading to a more fulfilling quality of life.

While the rumors surrounding assisted living facilities can be off-putting, it is important to research them as part of your available options for senior care. Your best choice may lie in the form of senior citizen assisted living in OKC. For more information on assisted living, its benefits and resources on affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area, contact us at the Village at Oakwood.

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