Can’t We Get Along? How to Prevent Siblings Disputes About Parental Care

October 17th, 2017 by John Wilson

It’s a commonly accepted reality that fights will occur between siblings. While these arguments typically slow down or even disappear when everyone is grown, one thing that often brings back these challenges to the sibling relationship is dealing with aging parents. When looking at assisted living options and the cost of assisted living, it’s easy to disagree with each other over what’s best for your senior parents. Here are a few tips to help everyone communicate more effectively.

Hold a Family Meeting

One of the quickest ways to begin a sibling dispute, whether you’re working on assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma or you are discussing other financial decisions, is to talk about things individually, rather than as a group. When you are all together, everyone will hear first hand what each person has to say so there’s little chance of miscommunication. This also allows you to set specific roles and responsibilities together so everyone knows what to expect.

Seek Counseling

Counseling isn’t just for those who are going through mental health issues. In fact, counseling can be a valuable asset in helping you make the best decisions for your parent with less arguing. In many cases, siblings have difficulty seeing eye to eye on important decisions regarding their senior parents. Rather than looking at things from their parent’s viewpoint, they become stuck in their own ideals. Having a counselor to talk over these issues with can help everyone approach matters with their parent’s best interest in mind for better results.

Flexibility is important when discussing the cost of assisted living.

The cost of assisted living is usually one of the main sticking points.

Consider Mediation

Counseling can help you and your siblings improve your relationship to reduce the amount of arguing you go through. This is in all aspects of your life, not just in assisted living options for your parents. However, sometimes this isn’t enough to get everyone on the same page for the important decisions. In these situations, an elder care mediator can be your best option. These individuals are trained to help you evaluate all sides of a situation and make a choice based on what’s best for your loved one, not for you or your siblings.

Be Flexible

Depending on the personality of your siblings, sometimes nothing changes no matter what you do. When counselors and mediators can’t even get through, you may have to come up with a compromise that pleases your argumentative sibling, while still keeping your parent’s well-being in mind. Taking the high road can be one of the most difficult ways of resolving these issues, but it can often be one of the best ways to reach a better place within your family.

No one wants to spend all their time arguing with their siblings over the care of their parents during their senior years, especially when time is limited. Regardless of the reason for these disagreements, it’s essential to put your differences aside as you evaluate assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma. There are many aspects to consider, including the cost of assisted living and your various assisted living options, so learning how to work together can be the fastest way to a decision everyone can be happy with.

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