Can Video Games Benefit Seniors?

April 17th, 2018 by John Wilson

Which age group do you think about when you hear about video games? If you’re like most people, you likely think of children and teenagers. However, as you look for activities for seniors, you may want to consider the benefits of choosing video games for this age group. Some places that offer assisted living for seniors feature video game consoles in their public gathering areas to give seniors all the advantages.

Improved Intellect

Active seniors often understand the importance of remaining physically active, but they may forget about keeping their intelligence intact. Video games often require a lot of thinking and can help keep the brain active, especially when seniors choose puzzle games and other games require a higher level of intelligence to play. While seniors don’t need to complete video game marathons, playing just an hour or two a day can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s intelligence. Studies have shown seniors who have lower cognitive function can often improve their scores after playing video games for several hours over the course of several weeks.

Happier Lives

It’s important for seniors to find activities that make them happier so they can avoid some of the more common ailments typically associated with aging, such as depression. There are many genres and categories of video games, which means many seniors will find a type of game that best fits with their interests. Some individuals enjoy story games, while others are more in tune with multiplayer games or those that include puzzles and make them think. For those who are in assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma that offer video games, there are bound to be options that work well for an individual’s play style.

Consider video games as activities for seniors.

Video games are great activities for seniors.

Reverse Brain Aging

One of the biggest issues aging individuals encounter is problems with their brain function. It’s natural for the brain to begin losing some of its functionality over time. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sit by and accept it. There are actions you can take to help you reverse the signs of an aging brain and keep your thinking at a higher function. When the elderly play games that force them to think things through, they will see a vast improvement in their cognitive function over that time and reduce their risk of experiencing memory loss and other brain-related issues associated with the normal aging process.

Increased Balance and Walking Speed

Another common issue for the elderly is balance and walking. There are a number of reasons these functions can suffer. However, video games can actually help improve both of these tasks. In most cases, video games require excellent hand-eye coordination. In addition, individuals need to think quickly and make decisions about what move they must make next. This can actually help improve the player’s ability to balance and walk at a faster pace. All it takes is playing about an hour a day, three times a week for a period of time to see improvements.

If you’re looking for assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma, contact us. We encourage activities for seniors that can positively impact various areas of their lives.

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