Can Introverts Thrive in Assisted Living?

December 13th, 2018 by John Wilson

Social interaction is essential for everyone to some degree; however, introverted people tend to require less social stimulation than extroverts. This doesn’t mean an introvert is better off aging in place and won’t feel comfortable in an assisted living center in OKC. In fact, there are many activities for seniors that can give introverts the interaction they require, while still allowing them to enjoy their private space when they need it.

Learn Something New

Many introverts enjoy learning to some degree. As such, these individuals do best when they’re given the opportunity to expand their horizons and learn something new, whether it’s a different language or a hobby they can enjoy. Oklahoma assisted senior living often provides an array of programs designed to help seniors engage their brains and continue learning. There’s no such thing as being too old to learn.

All personality types can find activities for seniors.

There are activities for seniors of all personality types.

Your Choice of Activities

Just because an assisted living center in OKC offers a vast array of activities for seniors to choose from doesn’t mean you have to take part in all of them. Introverted seniors can simply pick which activities they are comfortable with and pass on the ones they either aren’t comfortable doing; they can also sit out during activities when they just don’t feel like being interactive. The choice is entirely theirs. Many introverts love to participate in some of the quieter events, while others are okay with more involved activities as long as they are few and far between.

Making New Friends

Introverts may enjoy their alone time, but they also like to have a close circle of friends they enjoy spending time with. Unfortunately, as individuals get older, they may find they lose friends due to mobility issues and eventually death. In Oklahoma assisted senior living, you can rest assured you will find new friends who share similar interests, allowing you to surround yourself with the right people to nurture your need for social interaction while providing the privacy and down time you need to recharge your batteries.

Flexible Dining Options

Many assisted living centers offer a variety of dining options for their senior residents. For instance, introverts may prefer to cook within their own living space so they can enjoy their meals in peace. However, for those who would prefer to take advantage of the healthy meals provided by an assisted living facility, there are often long meal times so they can choose a time when the dining room is less crowded so they experience less stress from larger crowds and busier meal times.

While it may seem like Oklahoma assisted senior living isn’t ideal for those who are introverted, it can still be a good option for everyone. Your senior loved one can still choose how much or how little they interact with others.

If you’re looking for an assisted living center that offers the amenities you need, contact us. We provide a comfortable environment for all of our residents.

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