Can a Middle Age Diabetes Diagnosis Lead to Memory Loss As You Age?

May 5th, 2015 by John Wilson

Are your senior health issues caused by diabetes?

Middle age diabetes can lead to other senior health issues.

Diabetes is one of the most common senior health issues, but did you know it can actually contribute to some other serious problems as well? Recently, studies have identified a potential link between the presence of diabetes in seniors and symptoms of dementia. This information can be invaluable to senior care services at assisted living serving Yukon and other communities in the Oklahoma City area.

What Is the Correlation?

During these studies, individuals who were diagnosed with diabetes in their middle age years were evaluated to check for signs of dementia and other memory issues. The results showed those who had diabetes were more likely to experience shrinkage of the brain, which led to a smaller than average hippocampus, the area of the brain largely responsible for long- and short-term memory functions. These individuals were also more likely to experience mini-strokes and other health issues that negatively impact blood flow to the brain. These complications can lead to problems with thinking and memory as individuals age.

The Importance of Preventing Diabetes

While some individuals are at a higher risk for developing diabetes due to other factors, such as family history, anyone can develop the disease if they don’t take proper care of their bodies. For this reason, it’s important to take the right steps to reduce the risk of diabetes during middle age or even earlier.  Some of the things you can do to reduce your risk include:

If you do develop diabetes or other related senior health issues, managing it properly under a doctor’s care can help minimize damage that can lead to dementia and memory loss.

Take Care of Your Brain

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the memory loss and other related issues that often come along with it. Keeping your brain sharp may take a lot of work, but it will be worth it to protect your quality of life. Doing crossword puzzles and using brain games can help with mental acuity. Eating plenty of fish, as well as foods high in antioxidants, can also keep your brain as healthy as possible, despite the presence of diabetes and other senior health issues.

Whether you live in assisted living serving Yukon and other communities in the Oklahoma City area or you are still living in your own home, it’s important to understand the correlation between certain senior health issues. Senior care services are beginning to recognize the connection between middle age onset of diabetes and dementia. This makes it even more important for seniors to pay close attention to their overall health so they can reduce their risks of developing other issues as they continue to age.

If you’re looking for an assisted living center in the Oklahoma City area to care for an aging loved one, contact us. We can provide the level of care your loved one needs, helping them fight against memory loss and other senior health issues.

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