Best iPad Apps for Senior Living

December 3rd, 2015 by John Wilson

Do you know the best iPad apps for seniors?

iPad apps for seniors can make life easier.

More seniors are beginning to take advantage of the technology available to improve their quality of life. In fact, senior citizen assisted living in OKC can often help them connect their devices to the Internet and troubleshoot any issues residents may encounter. If your loved one has recently acquired a tablet, you can help them find iPad apps for seniors that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable.


Keeping in touch with family and friends can become a challenge, especially when you move into senior living a distance from home. Skype can be an excellent app because it allows seniors to call their loved ones without paying the high cost of a phone bill. All calls can run directly through the Internet connection.

HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker

Tracking blood pressure is one of the most important aspects of taking good care of senior health. The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker allows seniors to enter their resting heart rate, weight and more. This information can be a valuable asset for any assisted living center in Oklahoma City.


Reading is a popular pastime for seniors because it allows them to escape and helps keep their mind sharp. While senior citizen assisted living in OKC often has books available for seniors to read, giving them the gift of thousands of books at the touch of their fingers can be invaluable.


Many people feel you shouldn’t look up information on WebMD or other similar websites because it’s easy to misdiagnose yourself and cause unneeded stress. However, it can be an important tool when used correctly. Reviewing your symptoms on this app can help you determine whether a trip to the doctor is warranted.

Get your senior loved one connected at an assisted living center.

An assisted living center can help get your senior loved one connected.


Many seniors have difficulty remembering to take their medication on time, which means they can easily miss important doses or even overdose. This is a serious risk of senior living. To help prevent this issue, Pillboxie can remind you when to take your pills and which ones you should take, as well as provides images of the medications themselves.


For those who prefer to read print books, EyeReader can be a brilliant tool to help magnify the words and make reading easier. This way, seniors won’t have to purchase books with large print. The camera on the iPad can help make the words on the page much larger and clearer.


Games can help keep the brain sharp. Lumosity is one of the most beneficial iPad apps for seniors that achieves this goal. These games are designed to help enhance memory, as well as improve attention and other neurological skills.

Getting an iPad for the senior in your life can be a great way to provide the valuable tools they need to enjoy life to its fullest. With the right iPad apps for seniors, you can enhance their life and give them valuable tools that help them take great care of themselves.

If you’re looking for an assisted living center in Oklahoma City, contact us. We help seniors use the latest technology to their advantage.

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