Best Gifts for Loved Ones In Assisted Living

December 6th, 2018 by John Wilson

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and regardless of which ones you celebrate, you need to either start or finish buying gifts for friends and family members. If you’re struggling to determine what to buy your loved ones in assisted living communities in OKC, the following gifts can help give you the best ideas. Oklahoma assisted living often doesn’t provide a lot of extra space, making finding the right gift essential.

Favorite Snacks

Your aging loved one likely doesn’t get to grocery shop that often when under assisted living care. While the cafeteria at the facility offers plenty of healthy options and your loved one can enjoy food in their own apartment as well, nothing is better than enjoying their favorite old-fashioned candies and other snacks. Consider putting together a gift basket of their favorite treats they can enjoy, as well as share with the other residents.

Puzzles or Other Activities

Many Oklahoma assisted living centers offer a variety of activities to help keep seniors active and engaged. However, they may still spend significant amounts of time in their own living spaces. This is when boredom and loneliness can majorly affect the wellbeing of your loved one. If he or she enjoys putting together puzzles, doing crosswords or playing other word or number games, these can be excellent gift ideas. This will keep them engaged and help promote positive brain health and more.

There are gifts perfect for those who need assisted living care.

Those in assisted living care love gifts.

The Gift of Music

Music can have an impact on an individual’s emotional wellbeing and can be a great idea for just about anyone. Everyone loves music of some type. If you’re aware of the type of music your loved one enjoys, consider gifting them  some of their favorites. Purchase a personal music player if they don’t already have one or give them some new CDs. Record albums are also coming back into style and can be an excellent nostalgic gift to give to your senior loved ones.

Blanket or Fleece Robe

As individuals get older, the body temperature becomes more difficult to regulate. This is why many seniors feel cold a significant portion of the time, even during the warmer months of the year. This makes blankets or fleece robes an ideal gift. Even if they already have one, it can be a great choice to help mix things up or even allow them to replace an older, worn out version.

Lifelike Pets

Many assisted living communities in OKC don’t allow pets. Whether your loved one previously enjoyed having a pet in their home or you are looking for a way to help curb their loneliness, there are many lifelike pets available on the market today. Some of them even breathe like a real pet. This can be a great alternative for facilities that don’t allow pets, as well as for seniors who may suffer from pet allergies.

If you’re loved one requires assisted living care, contact us. We can help you determine if our facility is the best option for them.

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