Best Computer Apps for Seniors in Assisted Living

August 18th, 2016 by John Wilson

As more seniors become computer savvy, computer apps have garnered an increasing role in how seniors stay organized, entertained and in communication with friends and loved ones. Senior living in Oklahoma City can be enhanced greatly through the use of apps. With today’s variety of free and low-cost computer apps, seniors can maintain and strengthen their social network connections, become more active partners in their health care and pursue any number of interests and hobbies.

Apps for Health

Health apps like Medisafe, Well Being Plus and MedWatcher have a lot to offer seniors. These types of apps go far beyond reminding seniors when to take medications, valuable in and of itself. Seniors can use health apps to keep track of doctor appointments, both scheduled and those that need to be scheduled. There are apps that aid seniors in following dietary guidelines, track the latest clinical studies relating to specific health issues and so much more.

If you have a loved one in a senior living center in Oklahoma City, your relative probably has access to fitness centers, grounds for walking and a number of health-enhancing programs, such as strength training and yoga classes. Health apps can play a key role in helping seniors meet health targets by helping seniors set health and fitness goals and track their progress toward those objectives. Social apps can help a senior assemble a supportive group of other residents also working toward similar health goals, including arranging meet-ups in the weight room, for an evening walk or at a yoga class.

The best computer apps for seniors make communication easier.

Find the best computer apps for seniors.

Apps That Feed the Mind

Some of the best apps for seniors, the ones they enjoy the most, are those that feed the mind, allowing them to pursue old and new interests. There are a number of book apps, including a free LibriVox app that offers access to a wide variety of free books and audio-books and makes an almost inconceivable number of books and periodicals available to seniors. Word game and crossword puzzle lovers will find a variety of apps to feed their interests, as will music lovers and foreign language fans. As numerous studies have shown, an active mind is a healthy mind, less prone to falling prey to the assorted cognitive disorders that often mar the senior years.

Social Apps

There are a variety of apps like Skype that enhance the ability to communicate with friends and family. However, there’s more to social apps than that. There are apps that can help track local social events and performances for the socially active senior. Seniors can use apps that can help them connect with people of all age groups who share their interests. They can use apps to connect them with volunteer work or professional opportunities. Apps can help seniors to take their social networking to a whole new level.

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