Avoid These 6 Common End of Life Planning Mistakes

July 18th, 2017 by John Wilson

Planning for your senior years and the end of your life can be complicated. It can be difficult to know which decisions are the right ones, whether you’re looking for the best assisted living facilities in OKC or making your funeral arrangements. As you go through this process, it’s important to understand which mistakes you should avoid.

Waiting Too Long

End of life planning isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about. However, if you wait too long, you may find decisions need to be made without your input. It’s best to start working on this process as early as possible. You can always make changes along the way. It may seem too early, but you never know when something could happen, leaving you unable to make important decisions for yourself.

Getting Too Detailed

There are so many things that could happen it would take you a long time to create a detailed plan for all of it. Instead, focus on what is likely to happen and keep things general. In most cases, it’s best to start at the end and work your way backward.

Talk about end of life planning while living in assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities can talk to seniors about end of life planning.

Choosing the Wrong Proxy

In your planning, you will need to choose someone to represent you in these decisions. Make sure you select a close family member you can trust to follow your instructions to the letter. Assisted living communities in Oklahoma City will encourage you to name someone so this is important.

Not Telling Your Doctor

It’s important to advocate for yourself to your doctor while you are still able. Once you have completed your end of life plan, let your doctor know you have done so and tell him or her what it includes. It can also be beneficial to give them a copy.

Not Telling Loved Ones

It can be difficult to discuss the end of your life with your friends and family members. No one wants to think about leaving these individuals behind. However, you need to share this important information so they know what to expect if something happens to you.

Not Making Changes

Whether you’ve recently moved to assisted senior living or there have been other significant changes in your life, you have to reflect those developments by making modifications to your end of life plan. When you do make these updates, be sure to share them with your doctor and any relevant loved ones so they aren’t caught off guard if something happens.

End of life planning is about more than making your wishes for your funeral known. This type of planning covers many aspects of your senior years, not just what happens after you are gone. There may come a time when you are unable to make your own healthcare decisions, leaving it up to your loved ones to choose for you. Having this plan in place will help your doctors and your family members make decisions based on what you want for yourself.

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