Assisted Living Versus Independent Living: The Best Choice for Your Aging Parent

April 11th, 2017 by John Wilson

Each stage of life brings with it unique rewards and challenges. Typically, senior citizens are free from the demands of raising young children and climbing the career ladder. They know what they enjoy doing and usually have plenty of time to pursue the activities and interests they love. Often, seniors are financially sound, relatively speaking, and aren’t consumed with money woes.

On the other hand, seniors may have health issues that require regular medical care and/or compromise their mobility. They may have trouble with some of the basic tasks of living, such as bathing or getting dressed. Even though they may be able to manage living independently, assisted living care in OKC may provide a much more enjoyable quality of life.

Three Benefits of Assisted Living

There is no “correct” decision when it comes to where your aging parent should live. Every individual is different. You will find plenty of happy, thriving seniors residing in assisted living care in Oklahoma City and in independent senior living communities. Affordable senior housing in OKC ranges from highly structured facilities to looser, relaxed communities that take a more concierge approach to senior living. Here are three arguments in favor of assisted living care in Oklahoma City:

Explore the benefits of affordable senior housing.

There are many benefits to affordable senior housing.

Benefits of Independent Living

While independent living facilities do not typically offer routine medical care or regular assistance with the daily activities of life, they do have their own perks. Independent living facilities provide a broad spectrum of social activities for their residents. They also ensure seniors can enjoy their golden years surrounded by people of their own age range, which makes it easier to form friendships and cuts down on noise. Independent living communities allow residents to maintain more control over their surroundings and schedules. They exist more for convenience and comfort as opposed to necessary help with critical tasks.

Questions to Consider When Weighing Assisted Living Versus Independent Living

One of the main worries when considering senior housing is cost. There is an abundance of affordable senior housing in OKC so you should not let cost deter you from considering this option. What you should consider are the following questions:

If you consider these questions carefully with your parent, you should both be able to come to a mutual decision about which option is best.

Would you like to visit an assisted living facility in person to see what it’s like? Please contact us at Village at Oakwood! We will be happy to arrange a tour.

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