Assisted Living Tips for Married Couples

June 28th, 2018 by John Wilson

While it seems that mostly widowed or single seniors seem to move into assisted living facilities in Oklahoma City, OK, married couples can also benefit from this type of move. If you are thinking of moving to affordable assisted living for seniors as a couple, there are additional considerations you will have to make.

Start Looking Early

Finding space for the two of you to spend your senior years together can be difficult. Apartments that accommodate two people can be scarce and the last thing you want is to have to rush to try to find a place because you need it sooner, rather than later. The best thing you can do is begin researching your options before you even need it. Make a list of the facilities you are considering and keep it on hand so you can reserve your space when you need it.

Create a Financial Plan

Oklahoma assisted living services require you to find a way to pay for them. However, it may generally be more affordable than continuing to live in your home when you consider all of the other bills associated with owning a home. Many people begin planning for their retirement early, but they don’t think about the cost of moving into assisted living. It’s important to set some money aside for this possibility, especially if you may be moving in with your spouse.

Senior couples can benefit from assisted living services.

Assisted living services can help couples enjoy their senior years.

Consider All Needs

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of finding the right space for both of you is to meet all of your needs. It isn’t likely you and your spouse will have the same requirements as you get older. It’s possible one of you will need more assistance than the other. While this means the one spouse can help the other, but this isn’t always as easy as it may seem. You will need to find a place that best suits both yours and your partner’s needs, which may mean choosing assisted living facilities that can accommodate the highest level of need.

Prepare for the New Space

Two people can acquire a lot of items over the course of their lives. This often means needing to downsize before making the move to affordable assisted living for seniors. It can be easier to start working toward this long before you need to make the final move. This will ensure less stress later, especially if you reach a point where reducing the number of belongings you have is much more difficult. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything. In fact, you can start passing belongings on to family members or even put some things in storage if needed.

If you’re looking at prospects for the day when you need Oklahoma assisted living services, contact us. We can help you decide if our facility is right for you and your spouse.

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