Assisted Living Facilities in Oklahoma Can Help Their Residents with Pain Management

February 11th, 2016 by John Wilson

Find assisted living facilities that can help with pain management.

Assisted living facilities should help with pain management.

Chronic pain is more than a serious health problem for seniors. It is also a major quality of life issue that should factor into your choice in assisted living facilities in Oklahoma. It is essential to choose assisted living options that make helping residents with pain management a priority, such as the Village at Oakwood. Effectively managing pain can return some of life’s important pleasures to your loved one and help them better enjoy all of the benefits quality assisted living has to offer.

Pain Management Is Evolving

Chronic pain is a complex issue, impacting almost every other aspect of a senior’s physical and mental health. Well over 50 percent of seniors are dealing with some degree of chronic pain. It can interfere with mobility, decreasing the ability to enjoy the sorts of physical activities that promote better health. Chronic pain can also contribute to depression and social isolation. However, not everyone understands the nature of pain. Even among professionals, effective treatment can be a source of hot debate.

Part of that debate lies in the rapidly evolving understanding of pain, particularly regarding its individual nature and today’s more holistic view of how it is best treated. Modern medical technology has provided important new insights into the nature of pain, how it affects the mind and body and how it can be best controlled. That is why it is so important to choose affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma city area that have a proven track record for making pain management a priority.

Find pain management at affordable assisted living facilities.

Affordable assisted living facilities can still help with pain management.

Prioritizing Pain Management

Assisted living facilities in Oklahoma that prioritize pain management stay up-to-date with this evolving field of medicine. They know helping residents with pain management is about far more than passing out the pain meds on time. In fact, when a facility uses the modern, multi-pronged approach to pain management, that can translate to less pharmaceutical intervention for some seniors.

Research has found using a variety of approaches, including meditation, yoga, strength training, diet and nutrition, can be effective in the overall battle against chronic pain. Look for affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma city area that can talk to you – with specifics – concerning how they handle pain management. Facilities that encourage the use of multiple pain management approaches should make your short list because that is a good sign they’ve prioritized long-term pain management.

Look Forward to Improved Quality of Life

When you focus your search for affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma city area best able to help your loved one manage pain, you’ll find great options. Matching your assisted living choices as closely as possible to your loved one’s most important health care needs is the best way to help ensure your loved one can look forward to an improved quality of life when the transition is made to assisted living. Contact us at Village at Oakwood for more information about assisted living with a focus on improved pain management.

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