Assisted Living Facilities Are Now Offering Computers with Internet Access

February 10th, 2015 by John Wilson

Get involved with computers in assisted living facilities.

Computers can make assisted living more interactive.

The Internet is not just for the younger generation anymore. Recent findings from Pew Research show that six out of 10 seniors regularly use the Internet and 46 percent are on at least one social media site. With such a surge in technology use, it seems a natural progression for assisted living facilities to offer their residents access to computers and the Internet. In fact, many facilities like  Village at Oakwood assisted living are now providing their residents with this important amenity.

How Technology Benefits Seniors

There are a multitude of benefits technology offers seniors in assisted living communities. Through Internet access, they can more easily stay in touch with loved ones and friends, view photos of family, keep up with news and other world events and find ways to get involved with the community. The Internet also provides a quick and convenient way to access a variety of resources that are useful to seniors, such as DIY tutorials and relevant healthcare topics, with just a click of a button.

Meeting the Needs of Residents

In years past, shared computers or business centers at assisted living facilities have been considered sufficient to meet the needs of senior residents. However, as more seniors bring their smart phones, tablets and laptops with them when they make the transition to assisted living, they expect to be able to connect to the Internet with ease, just as they might have at their previous home.

Assisted living facilities are realizing the importance of meeting all the needs of their residents, in particular, the demand for Internet and WiFi access. By keeping up with the technology-driven times we live in, senior living homes can remain an attractive option for those seeking assisted living.

Learning How to Put the Internet to Good Use

In addition to enabling seniors to use the Internet in their personal rooms at assisted living residences, some facilities also offer the option of an Internet café. This combines social interaction within the assisted living community with social interaction online. With a setting like an Internet café, seniors are able to connect with other like-minded residents who also enjoy getting online.

For residents who may not be as tech savvy as others, these cafes are a good place to get up to speed on how to better navigate the world wide web. Often the staff at the assisted living facility, such as the Village at Oakwood homes in OKC, will offer additional assistance to residents, providing information sessions on topics like connecting to the Internet, using social media and shopping online.

The growing trend of seniors keeping connected through technology allows for a smoother transition into assisted living environments. The Internet provides an easier way for residents to stay in touch with loved ones and to feel as though they indeed have all the amenities of home.

If you are in the market for affordable assisted living for you or your loved one, contact us. The staff at Village at Oakwood assisted living in Oklahoma City is caring and compassionate, providing residents with a safe, healthy and tech-savvy environment.

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