Assisted Living Communities in OKC Help Seniors Avoid Dangerous Medication Mistakes

May 24th, 2016 by John Wilson

Tiny pills of various shapes and colors are part of life for people of all ages. Even for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, keeping track of what pills to take and when can be taxing. Many senior citizens suffer from memory lapses that make it even more difficult to keep track of when to take their medications and how much to take. There are many advantages to assisted living communities in OKC. One of the most important is these communities offer medication management for seniors that can prevent potential tragedies.

Common Reasons Seniors Don’t Comply With Medication Requirements

Arguably, the biggest challenge in taking medications as directed is remembering when to take them and how much to take. However, memory lapses aren’t the only reasons for medication under- or overdoses. Here are four more:

Find a facility that offers medication management for seniors.

Medication management for seniors is a necessity.

Problems May Occur Even With Compliance

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), almost half of all seniors take five or more medications and more than half take their prescription medicines incorrectly. Even seniors who do follow the instructions may find themselves in danger. Even when seniors take their medications as directed, they may endanger themselves by combining drugs and even by taking certain drugs and eating certain foods. It’s difficult enough to remember how much medicine to take and when. Keeping track of drug interactions can be exhausting.

An Extra Set of Eyes Can Prevent Disaster

The average senior citizen is prescribed seven prescriptions he or she is supposed to take daily. Considering about 10 percent of senior hospitalizations are due to medication errors, medication management is an important issue in keeping seniors safe. That’s one of the benefits of Oklahoma assisted livingfacilities. These facilities benefit seniors in many ways, including socialization, safety and compassionate care. They also take the anxiety out of medication management.

If you are looking for skilled, compassionate assisted living in Oklahoma City for a loved one, we encourage you to contact us at Village at Oakwood. Our team of skilled caregivers will ensure your loved one is well taken care of and takes his or her medication according to doctors’ orders.

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