Assisted Living Communities in OKC Have Changed Over the Years

December 27th, 2016 by John Wilson

One of the main reasons many local seniors feel anxious about considering moving into one of the many assisted living communities in OKC is because they don’t really understanding what these facilities are like. The terms “assisted living” and “senior living” stir various emotions for many aging adults. They may envision sterile, institutional-feeling settings. Fortunately, once people tour assisted living communities in OKC they feel relieved about what’s to come.

There’s a New Vocabulary Surrounding Senior Living

There’s a reason the term “senior living facility” is much more common now than the term “nursing home.” There’s a movement to change residents’ and caregivers’ perceptions about assisted living. Here are some other changes in terminology you’ll probably notice when you tour the many affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area.

Consider the benefits of assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities are often better than seniors think they are.

Seniors Enjoy a Community Feel Rather Than an Institutional Atmosphere

Senior living facilities have come a long way over the decades. The philosophy of most facilities is to provide residents with a comfortable setting that feels like home. Today, the emphasis is on providing engaging, meaningful activities and opportunities for personal enrichment. It’s true many seniors move to assisted living centers because they need some degree of professional nursing care. That is obviously a huge component of today’s senior living facilities. However, the best facilities work hard to ensure seniors feel at home as opposed to feeling like they’re living in a hospital. The focus is on community and providing opportunities for seniors to enjoy their lives.

The Best Facilities Embrace Transparency

Today’s senior living centers encourage residents’ families to visit and check up on their loved ones. Nothing provides greater peace of mind than seeing for yourself your parents are happy and well cared for. Few things lift seniors’ spirits as much as visits from their children and grandchildren. Fortunately, the days of sending seniors to institutions with locked doors and strict visitation rules are over. Senior living facilities are more like second homes where visitors are always welcome!

Village at Oakwood, OKC’s first affordable assisted living center, was an early adopter of changing how people view assisted living. We treat our residents with the dignity and respect they deserve and are committed to providing an enriching, enjoyable quality of life for all. If you are skeptical an assisted living facility really can feel like home, we encourage you to visit our facility. Contact us to schedule a visit!

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