Assisted Living Centers in OKC Offer Technologies That Help Your Loved Ones Stay Connected

July 7th, 2016 by John Wilson

There is often a misconception about people living in assisted living centers in OKC and other cities. Many people assume residents of assisted living facilities are too frail to engage in physical activity and lack the mental sharpness to use technology. Often, that is far from the truth. Today’s seniors have far more options than the seniors of past generations. They’re often highly motivated to take advantage of the tools available to enhance their quality of life. Computers, smart phones, tablets and technological gadgets abound. Assisted living centers that provide their residents access to technology, encouragement and instruction on using it report their residents overwhelmingly embrace these tools.

If your loved one is living in a senior living center in Oklahoma City and has yet to jump on the bandwagon, why not help them? Start small and gradually build up to more complex applications. Soon, your loved one may surprise you and him or herself with a proficiency with new, useful and entertaining high-tech tools.

Texting and Emailing

Texting and emailing arguably are the easiest-to-master technologies. All that’s needed to text is a smart phone and all that’s needed to email is tablet or laptop. Many senior living facilities have computer rooms to make emailing simple. Texting and emailing require eye-hand coordination, but senior-friendly large-format keyboards are available. Even seniors who never learned to type can “hunt and peck” and type out short messages to their friends and loved ones. A quick text or e-mail sent may reap the reward of a lengthy return text or email that’s as valuable and informative as a face-to-face conversation and can be read slowly and repeatedly.

Keep in touch with family using technology at assisted living centers.

Assisted living centers want to make it easy for seniors to keep in touch with family.

Social Media, Especially Facebook

While younger demographics are leaving Facebook in favor of social media sites like Snapchat and Instagram, research shows older people increasingly rely on Facebook to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Setting up a Facebook account to communicate or simply to check in and see friends’ photos and status updates is easy. If seniors live in a facility with reliable Internet access, Facebook is easy to use and rewarding.

Skype Video Messaging

Talking to friends and loved ones on the phone or via e-mail, Facebook or text message is rewarding. Talking to them via Skype is even more so. Seniors who miss their children or grandchildren will soon find a Skype conversation is almost like having a one-on-one visit. Talking to someone is great, but holding a conversation while looking into their eyes is even better. Skype gives seniors the ability to do that. All they need is a computer or smart phone with Internet access, which the best senior living facilities provide residents.

One reason families sometimes worry about transitioning their loved ones to assisted living is they feel they’ll no longer be able to check in with them as frequently. At Village at Oakwood, our residents have easy access to the Internet and apps like Facebook and Skype that make it easy to keep in touch. More importantly, our caregivers are trained to encourage residents to embrace technology and teach them how to use it proficiently. If you are interested in touring the best senior assisted living OKC has to offer, contact us. Village at Oakwood is committed to helping residents continue to grow and thrive during their golden years.

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