Assisted Living Can Help Care for a Senior Parent with Sundowner’s Syndrome

July 28th, 2015 by John Wilson

Sundowner's patients can benefit from assisted living.

Assisted living can help aging individuals with Sundowner’s.

Caring for a parent with Sundowner’s Syndrome, often characterized by increased confusion and memory loss, can be a difficult task. Watching your loved one become more disoriented in the evening can be painful, troubling and scary for everyone involved. Often, assisted living centers can ease the burden and help reduce the severity of the symptoms associated with Sundowner’s.

Assisted Living Can Help Manage Symptoms

While there is not yet a known cure for Sundowner’s Syndrome, there are steps that can be taken to help keep sufferers calm. An assisted living center can provide the best approaches to manage or reduce the occurrence of the behaviors associated with the condition. Some ways to help manage symptoms include:

By choosing an assisted living center in Oklahoma City, you can provide a setting that is beneficial and safe for your parent or loved one who may be experiencing symptoms associated with Sundowner’s. Staff can assist residents with necessary changes to their routine and eating habits.

Sundowner's symptoms can be managed at an assisted living center.

An assisted living center can help with Sundowner’s symptoms.

Identifying Common Triggers

Sometimes an onset of symptoms occurs randomly, but other times they are the result of a trigger. In many cases, triggers can be successfully identified and properly alleviated or managed. Some common triggers include:

An assisted living setting can help alleviate some of the symptoms brought on by Sundowner’s by providing a peaceful environment where the needs of your loved ones are met. Contact us to discuss locating living assistance in OKC and the surrounding areas.

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