Adaptive Clothing Options for Seniors in Assisted Living

August 7th, 2018 by John Wilson

As people age, they may find it difficult to complete the regular daily care tasks they have done their whole lives. Getting dressed is one of these important tasks. Many of the clothing items we all find easy to put on become an issue for those in assisted senior living due to arthritis and other age-related issues. The good news is residents in assisted living communities in OKC can take advantage of adaptive clothing and other tools so they can continue to get dressed on their own and remain more independent.

Easier Closures

Some seniors have a hard time dressing themselves thanks to mobility issues. For instance, they may find it challenging to raise their arms over their heads or reach at awkward angles to zip or button clothing. However, there are companies that have recognized the unique needs of seniors and have designed shirts, pants, footwear and more that feature closures positioned more conveniently for individuals who may suffer from arthritis and other mobility conditions. Some common, alternative types of closure are magnetic closures that grasp when the two pieces get close and hidden Velcro.

Caregiver Assistance Options

While many seniors in assisted living care in Oklahoma City would like to maintain their independence as much as possible, sometimes individuals reach a point where they require assistance to dress themselves. However, this can create other issues. Seniors who struggle with raising or lowering their arms or are restricted to a wheelchair or bed can now wear clothing created with openings in alternate locations and different closures. These types of clothing make it easy for caregivers to assist in the dressing process without causing too much discomfort or awkwardness for either party.

Assisted living care helps the elderly choose the right clothing.

The right closures are essential in assisted living care.

Different Materials

Materials are another important quality to look for in adaptive clothing for those in assisted senior living. Some of the more rigid clothing materials, such as denim, can irritate sensitive aging skin, causing pressure sores and other issues. Adaptive clothing companies focus on using softer materials that offer the same look but won’t irritate the skin.

Assistance Tools

In addition to adaptive clothing, residents in assisted living communities in OKC can also utilize several other clothing tools. Some of these tools include button hooks, grabbers, long-handled shoe horns, zip pullers and more.

Getting dressed is one task many people take for granted. However, as you get older, dressing in the morning and evening can become tedious. The good news is there are adaptive clothing options available to help seniors dress themselves, as well as make it easier for caregivers to help when required.

If you’re looking for quality assisted living care in Oklahoma City, contact us. We are proud to help our residents go about their daily tasks as easily as possible.

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