A Practical Guide for Downsizing

July 18th, 2019 by John Wilson

Making the move to assisted living in Oklahoma is a major step. For many people, these assisted living homes are significantly smaller than the homes from which they are moving, even if they currently live in an apartment or condo setting. This typically means they must downsize and either store or get rid of many of their belongings. While you’re more than welcome to bring your own personal items along when you make the move, it’s important to learn the best ways to downsize.

Consider Use

Seniors often look at what they’ve most recently acquired and want to hold onto their newer items. However, this isn’t an effective way to downsize, especially when considering assisted living options in OKC. Instead, help your senior loved one think about which items they use the most. These are the ones they’ll want to bring with them when they make the move. Choosing the wrong items will lead your loved one to feel as if they’re missing something.

Hold Onto the Memories

It’s easy to feel like it’s the sentimental things that should be discarded when you’re downsizing, but this isn’t necessarily the case. While you do want to keep clutter to a minimum since assisted living homes are relatively small, there’s no harm in holding onto photographs and mementos. However, you can also consider using these in other ways. For instance, scan photographs onto a CD so your loved one can look at them on a computer without taking up too much space. Creating scrapbooks can also be a fun activity prior to the move.

Because assisted living homes are smaller, they require downsizing.

Assisted living homes are often smaller.

Take Small Steps

The best way to start preparing time before moving to assisted living in Oklahoma is by breaking the project up into small chunks. Start in one room of the home and systematically go through each item, marking which ones your loved one wants to take and whether to sell, donate or store any remaining items. Handling one room at a time helps prevent anyone from becoming overwhelmed.

Ask Yes or No Questions

You may be tempted to ask your aging loved one which of a group of items they want to take with them, but this can leave them feeling divided and unsure of what to do. However, if you pose questions in a yes or no format and don’t require them to pick and choose from multiple items, you may find they are more satisfied with their answers and are better able to give you a faster response. You want your loved one to feel accomplished at the end of the day, not questioning whether they’ve made the right decision.

Consider Professional Help

It can be difficult to tackle moving day alone. This is why it can be beneficial to hire professional movers to help. This is especially true if you aren’t a fan of packing. Just be sure you carefully label everything so they know what goes with your loved one and which things are meant to go elsewhere.

If you’re looking for the best assisted living options in OKC, contact us. We can provide you with a list of things we recommend our senior residents bring along to make their new apartment a home.

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