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6 Ways To Keep Your Senior Parents Safe From Heat this Summer

Senior safety is of utmost concern in the summer.

While everyone needs to care for themselves correctly during the summer heat, it’s even more critical for those in their senior years. Whether your senior loved one is more active or prefers to stay inside, senior safety in Oklahoma must be a top priority. The following are some of the ways you can increase safety for those living alone.

Remain Hydrated

Seniors more easily get dehydrated than individuals in other age groups, making drinking plenty of water even more necessary, especially in the heat of summer. If you’re struggling to help your loved one remember to drink enough water, consider investing in a marked water bottle. Some bottles have markings for various times of the day to help seniors keep better track of whether they’re drinking enough.

Limit Sun Exposure

The less time your aging loved one spends in the sun, the better. Senior living communities in Oklahoma often schedule outdoor activities for the morning hours or in the evening to keep their residents out of the sun when it’s at its peak. If your loved one lives alone, encourage them to stay inside, at least in the middle of the day.

Make Sunscreen Readily Available

Today’s seniors grew up in a time when people didn’t frequently use sunscreen. In addition to increased memory issues, many seniors don’t remember to put on sunscreen before they head out. When you can’t be there to remind them, it becomes even more of a challenge. Stock up on sunscreen for your aging loved one and leave it in a place they will see it and remember, such as with their house keys, purse, or wallet.

Ensure Proper Air Conditioning

Running an air conditioner can be expensive, especially for those on a limited income. However, seniors need this feature more than most people. Talk to your aging loved one about the condition of their unit and point them in the direction of assistance programs designed to help seniors pay for utility bills.

Monitor Signs of Heat Illnesses

It can be more challenging to detect heat illnesses in seniors, especially if they live alone. It’s an essential component of ensuring senior safety in Oklahoma, though. Keep in close contact with your loved ones and ask plenty of questions to gauge their wellness when it’s hot outside. Make a note of any unusual symptoms and stop in for a visit to check things out.

Check Their Prescriptions

Some medications seniors take leave them more susceptible to heatstroke and various other heat-related conditions, including dehydration. Look up each medication to determine whether it comes with an increased risk. You may even wish to speak to their doctor about alternatives to keep them safe.

If you’re concerned about the safety of seniors living alone, contact us. We can help you determine if an assisted living facility is the best choice for your loved one.

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