6 Ways Assisted Living in OKC Offers Seniors a Better Life

February 18th, 2016 by John Wilson

Your loved one will get nutritious meals at assisted living.

Good meals are an important feature of assisted living.

You may be wondering if moving your loved one to an assisted living community would be the right decision. This can be a difficult time for both you and your parent because many seniors resist the idea of moving from their home. However, once an older adult understands the lifestyle and amenities offered in assisted living in OKC, they are more willing to consider the move. Here are just some of the ways your parent may improve their quality of life with this transition.


Ask an older adult who lives alone if they are preparing and eating three nutritious meals a day and seldom will the response be yes. Yet soon after moving to assisted living, a senior’s health and vitality can dramatically improve with access to delicious, prepared meals, and they appreciate not having to do the dishes! Many affordable assisted living communities offer choices and accommodate special diets for their residents.


Seniors who live alone can become complacent and bored. They’re usually surprised by how active they become after moving to assisted living. Options for staying physically active include on-site gyms with group exercise classes and fitness equipment. There are also landscaped grounds for nature walks and some communities have swimming pools. Massage therapy is also frequently offered.

For staying mentally active, most facilities have community computers and game rooms where you’ll find many seniors actively engaged in board and card games. There are libraries for their residents who enjoy spending their evenings relaxing and reading by the fireplace. Also provided are socials, onsite theaters for movie nights and other programs for entertainment.


The homes of older adults who live alone are often filled with clutter. This makes it difficult to maintain a clean environment and can also present a safety hazard. Once your parent’s life becomes free of unnecessary clutter, they are more apt to look after their personal living space. Most affordable assisted living communities in the Oklahoma City area offer a basic maid service, which includes weekly linen, laundry and housekeeping. This frees up their residents’ time to enjoy a more active and social lifestyle.

Keep seniors active at affordable assisted liviing facilities.

Affordable assisted living facilities can keep seniors active.


Assisted living facilities offer transportation services for planned outings or to take their residents shopping and to appointments. This means your parent won’t have to worry about how they’ll get around or about their safety behind the wheel.


A senior who lives alone in their home may no longer feel safe. At affordable assisted living communities in the Oklahoma City area, there is round-the-clock staffing, which gives residences a sense of safety and security. Knowing there is help close by is enough to bring most seniors out of their shell and into activities they wouldn’t otherwise partake in for fear of falling.


Many seniors living alone have seen their neighbors come and go, along with their close friends. Isolation can lead to depression, and this often happens when anyone has limited access to people they enjoy. In assisted living, residents make new friends and take an interest in each other, which does wonders for keeping seniors from feeling isolated. This new camaraderie helps to bridge the time when families and friends can’t visit.

Many older adults have a misconception about assisted living. Sharing this information with your parent or aging loved one may provide them with a whole new perspective on moving to assisted living.

If you’re interested in affordable assisted living facilities in the Oklahoma City area, contact us at the Village at Oakwood. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff will give you a tour of our facility and answer any questions you and your loved one may have.

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