6 Easy Ideas for Decorating a Senior Living Apartment

December 15th, 2020 by John Wilson

When your loved one moves into senior living communities, it is the beginning of a new life for them. The good news is independent living in OKC opens up a vast number of possibilities for seniors. While it isn’t like the home they’ve become used to, they can easily make it their own with a little decorating. The following ideas can help make their new apartment feel more like home.

Hang Photographs

Learn to effectively decorate for senior living.
Senior living is made enjoyable with the right decorations.

Artwork can be expensive and may be too large for a smaller assisted living apartment. Instead of hanging these pictures, consider selecting important photographs from your loved one’s lifetime and hang them around the apartment. This serves to both decorate the home and also to remind your aging loved one of important people and events in their lives, improving their memory.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors have a way of setting the mood, which is why it’s important to select the right ones when decorating senior living in Oklahoma City. Make sure you choose bright, cheery colors to help boost your loved one’s mood. Avoid dark colors because they can make an already small space feel even smaller. Contrasting colors are ideal for seniors with vision problems to help them better differentiate between their surroundings.

Keep It to Scale

For most seniors, moving to senior assisted living means downsizing from the home they’ve lived in for decades. While it’s important to bring along the things that mean the most to them, you have to keep size in mind. Keep things simple and small enough to fit well in the apartment.

Add Some Greenery

Plants have a number of benefits. Not only do they help generate oxygen, but they give your senior loved one something to take care of. Your elderly relative will enjoy looking at a beautiful plant and will feel a sense of accomplishment as they care for it and watch it grow. If your loved one isn’t good at taking care of plants, consider a couple of plastic plants instead.

Rearrange the Room

Sometimes something as simple as rearranging a room can have a dramatic impact on the way it looks. After your loved one moves into senior living communities, they may find their furniture is positioned a bit awkwardly for their liking. You can resolve this by helping them rearrange it into a layout more friendly to their needs.

Upcycle Old Items

One way of cheaply adding new items to your loved one’s independent living apartment is to upcycle old items. Add new fabric to an older chair to refresh its appearance without having to buy a new chair. Add a few throw pillows onto the couch. Add fabric or a throw to a bed headboard or other drab furnishings.

Your senior loved one can easily make their senior living apartment feel more like home. If you have questions about how to accomplish this task, contact us. We’d be happy to share ideas and help you make their living space their own.

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