5 Ways to Leave a Legacy

March 8th, 2018 by John Wilson

One of the biggest concerns people have with the idea of death is whether their loved ones will remember them after they’re gone. This leads many people to consider how they can leave a legacy that will not only help them be remembered, but will make an impact as well. When individuals reach the stage of assisted senior living in OKC, the reality of leaving family members behind becomes more evident. The following are several ways you can leave your legacy for future generations.

Record Your Stories

Family history is extremely important, but it’s also something many people don’t give much thought. Have you ever missed hearing the stories your grandparents used to tell about their early life? One day, the younger generations in your family will feel the same. Whether you reside in assisted living in Oklahoma City, OK, or you still live in your home, you can begin recording your stories for future generations. There are several options for carrying this out. You can write them down, record an audio file or even record a video. If you choose audio or video recordings, this can be a great project to complete with a more tech-savvy family member.

Put Together a Scrapbook

Those in senior living often have plenty of spare time to participate in hobbies. Putting together a scrapbook can be a great way to leave a legacy behind for your family members. Gather together pictures from your lifetime and arrange them carefully in a photo album or a special scrapbook you put together using pages purchased from a craft store. Be sure to add other items you may have held onto over the years, such as tickets to entertainment events and more. The options are limitless when it comes to scrapbooking.

Relive your history while in senior living.

Senior living is a great time to think about your history.

Build a Family Tree

It can be fun to trace your family back for generations. The good news is this is often easier for seniors to go deeper because they remember more past generations than younger members of the family would. However, you can also go even further. With the help of online resources and a tech-savvy family member, seniors can take their time digging through resources and tracing back the family tree to share with the rest of the family.

Make a Quilt

Quilting can be a peaceful, calming activity for many. While you can buy fabric and create something beautiful the whole family can appreciate, there are better choices if you’re looking to leave a legacy behind. Gather old clothing items and other fabric products from family members. These can be cut into quilt blocks and sewn together to create something amazing, all while holding a bit of family history. Be sure to write down where each block came from, including who gave it to you.

Write a Legacy Letter

There are probably a lot of things you want to tell younger family members. You can do this by writing what’s known as a legacy letter, which will be read after you are gone. This letter allows you to share anything you would like, telling family what they meant to you and what you hope for them for the future. These types of letters are often treasured for years to come.

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