5 Ways to Downsize Before Moving a Senior

May 8th, 2018 by John Wilson

Making the move to assisted living communities in OKC often becomes necessary as seniors begin to require more help to go about daily tasks. However, in most cases, senior housing options are significantly smaller than the homes they are used to living in. When your loved one needs senior care, the following tips will help you assist them with the downsizing process.

Select Important Items

It can be difficult for seniors to let go of certain belongings, but it is a necessity when moving into senior housing. In order to help them with this process, it’s critical to go over which items are the most important to them. Emphasize the fact they don’t have to get rid of everything else entirely. They just need to reduce what they bring with them.

Use a Floor Plan

Some seniors have trouble visualizing the amount of space they really have. Obtain a detailed floor plan from assisted living communities in OKC to help your loved one determine which furniture they should take and how much will truly fit in the space. This can help them realize the importance of downsizing from their current belongings.

Start Early

Seniors often have to downsize when moving to assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities often require seniors to downsize.

If you and your senior loved one are rushing around to reduce their belongings, it can leave everyone stressed and unhappy. It’s more likely you will argue and the process won’t be done to anyone’s satisfaction. Instead, start this process as soon as you realize your loved one needs more elaborate senior care than aging in place. The earlier you start, the easier the process will be for everyone.

Properly Store Unneeded Items

Just because your senior loved one is downsizing doesn’t mean they have to get rid of everything they won’t be taking with them. Consider either storing some of their more sentimental items in your own home or helping them obtain proper storage facilities for those items they wish to keep. This will reduce the number of belongings they take with them and will give them peace of mind they aren’t getting rid of something they consider important.

Donate or Eliminate Waste

Sometimes seniors simply don’t want to let go of anything attached to their past. This can include items that are either broken or otherwise useless. However, when you are creating a pile of items to be disposed of, make sure you listen to your loved one and understand their needs. They will likely have difficulty letting go and it’s up to you to show them it’s okay to do so without being insensitive to their feelings.

Making the move to assisted living can be difficult for seniors, as well as their families. One of the most challenging aspects is having to downsize their belongings. Seniors often have trouble with this because they are attached to the sentiment behind those belongings and may be set in their ways.

If you’re looking for help making the transition to senior housing, contact us. Our professionals can help you take this important step with your senior loved ones.

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