5 Simple Steps to Help Your Aging Parents Get Organized

February 15th, 2018 by John Wilson

Many seniors have a difficult time letting go of their belongings, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. While this can become a serious problem if it is allowed to get out of hand, sometimes a little organization is all that’s needed. Whether you are preparing your loved one to move into assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma or you want to help them reorganize their house, here are a few simple steps you should take.

Focus on One Area at a Time

If you look at the entire house as a whole, it can quickly become overwhelming to think of getting rid of unneeded items and organizing what will be kept. Oklahoma assisted living facilities recommend choosing one area at a time and focusing there until you complete the process. Breaking the project into smaller chunks will make it more manageable and avoid overwhelming your aging parents.

Think about the Future

There are certain considerations that should be made for the future. For instance, what happens if you can’t get in touch with your loved one? Make an extra copy of your parents’ house key so you can gain access to their home in the event of an emergency. You should also make sure important documents are all stored in one place and any critical health and financial information can easily be found.

The move to assisted living requires organizing belongings.

Get organized before moving to assisted living.

Use the Four Box Method

It can be difficult to separate what to keep, what to sell and more. You can make the sorting process easier by arranging everything into four separate piles or even boxes. Before moving to senior living, encourage your aging parents to label each item for one of four purposes: long-term keep, short-term keep, donate or garage sale and appraise and sell for more valuable items. Your loved one may also wish to give items to friends or family members.

Spread It Out

You don’t have to complete this project all at once. As long as you have time before the move to Oklahoma assisted living, you will be able to take your time going through the organizational process. While you may have a set timeline to finish, block out each room over a period of time, leaving a little downtime in the middle if you can afford to so no one gets burned out. It will also give you and your parents time to handle any selling or appraisals that need to be done.

Get Professional Help

If your aging parents have reached a hoarding level, you may have to seek professional help to clean and organize the home. These individuals typically have experience handling reluctant seniors and helping them see the value in minimizing their lifestyles, holding onto only those things that are important. It can also prevent hurt feelings and resentment to bring in a third party to handle this process.

If you’re looking for assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma, contact us. We can assist you in helping your aging parents minimize their belongings and get organized.

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