5 Reasons to Know Your Family History

March 14th, 2019 by John Wilson

Your family history is what got you to where you are today, whether you realize it or not. Without that specific timeline of events, you wouldn’t be who you are. This is why it’s important to learn something about your family history, especially from those who reside in senior living. These individuals have lived through some of that history and have heard firsthand accounts from other family members you have never had the opportunity to meet. If you’re still on the fence about diving into your family history, here are a few of the reasons you should.

Discover Your Background

You may have a vague idea of where your ancestors came from, but how much do you really know? While it may not change anything, it can be interesting to learn exactly where your family members came from and what kinds of life experiences they had. Many people simply consider themselves American and don’t delve much deeper. However, there’s a lot that can be learned by discovering your core identity and following your ancestors back to their home lands, regardless of how many locations that may be.

Pass It On

Those who require senior care services in OKC won’t be around forever. One day, they will no longer be able to tell you stories of their own lives, as well as that of their parents and other relatives who are long gone. Sharing stories about what life was like for them and where they spent their lives allows you to pass the information along to your own children. The past is too often forgotten. Learning about your family history can help preserve the past and provide your children with interesting information about their families.

Old pictures are prevalent in senior communities.

Senior communities encourage residents to look at old pictures.

Develop a Sense of Pride

There’s nothing more reassuring than feeling confident in who you are and a sense of pride in where you came from. As you learn about your family history from those living in senior communities in Oklahoma City, you will develop a much deeper sense of pride. It can even give you a self-confidence you may have previously been lacking.

Make a Connection

It’s easy to connect with individuals you interact with on a regular basis. You can feel them, hear them and talk to them. However, you can’t make the same kind of connection with family members who have already passed away. You can resolve this by listening to the stories your aging loved ones tell and absorbing both the information and the feelings behind it. This allows you to make a more personal connection with your ancestors.

Learn Resilience

Life can be tough for everyone, especially at certain points. However, the fact remains life today is considerably easier in many aspects than it was for generations past. As you talk to your senior loved one about their lives, as well as the lives of the relatives they once knew, you will see how many trials they went through and learn about how they dealt with them. This can help you develop strategies to deal with the issues in your own life, making you stronger in the process.

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